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Lightbulb This Little Hindley Light of Mine

Mysteries of Myra..

An Oxbow in the making...
Henry Hindley (1701–1771) was an 18th-century clockmaker, watchmaker and maker of scientific instruments..Hindley was a Roman Catholic born in Wigan (Lancs) in 1701 it is not certain who he was apprenticed to, he made clocks in Wigan in 1726 - 1730 and moved to Petergate York in 1731 and moved to Stonegate York in 1741 until his death in 1771, he was succeeded by his son who died in 1775 ref Loomes 'Watch and Clockmakers of the World'..Hindley is a small hamlet, comprising around 20 residences.. It is in the parish of Broomley and Stocksfield and is just to the south of Stocksfield in Northumberland with Broomley to the west and Whittonstall to the east.. Hindley is composed of a large house, Hindley Hall (now split up into 3 houses and four flats), a farm (now converted into residences) and a post box..The name Hindley could be derived from a number of sources.. In R. Heslop's Northumbrian Words he suggests the 'Hindberry' (or raspberry), this is quite likely to be the root as other local names also have their names derived from plants; Broomley and Slaley. An alternative explanation could be that it is derived from 'Hind' (a female Red Deer) relating to the deer found in the area...

Stone walls on and near the school grounds where patriots were killed in the American Revolotion..

Hindley sees Heathcliff as a rival when Mr. Earnshaw, his father, brings him home (an orphan) and instantly treats him with animosity.. Eventually, this gives way to Mr. Earnshaw's favoring Heathcliff as his favorite child, above son Hindley and daughter Catherine, and thus leaving Hindley in hatred of his "foster-brother".. His father then, with the advice of others, sets him to go off to college..For himself, he grew desperate: his sorrow was of that kind that will not lament.. He neither wept, nor prayed; he cursed and defied; execrated God and man, and gave himself up to reckless dissipation.. The servants could not bear his tyrannical and evil conduct long.. Joseph and I were the only two that would stay - Nelly Dean's description of Hindley, after the death of Frances Earnshaw..Hindley School is 1 of 5 public elementary schools in Darien, Connecticut, serving about 550 pupils from kindergarten through Grade 5..

Arabic meaning of the name Myra for a girl : Aristocratic Lady..Myra is associated with the same "myrrh" that, according to Matthew, was brought as a gift to the infant Jesus by the 3 Kings, along with gold and frankincense..Fulke Greville, 1st Baron Brooke, de jure 13th Baron Latimer and 5th Baron Willoughby de Broke, was an Elizabethan poet, dramatist, and statesman who sat in the House of Commons at various times between 1581 and 1621, when he was raised to the peerage.. was promised 10 days of shilling..You're giving me 3 and saying that's the best you can do?..This was the 5th day, sir..The battle went on for 35 more...

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