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Arrow Memoirs of Jacob

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House of Israel welcomed by Pharaoh - James Tissot ..
In the book, Barruel claims that the French Revolution was the result of a deliberate conspiracy or plot to overthrow the throne, altar and aristocratic society in Europe.. The plot was allegedly hatched by a coalition of philosophes, Freemasons.. The conspirators created a system that was inherited by the Jacobins who operated it to its greatest potential.. The Memoirs purports to expose the Revolution as the culmination of a long history of subversion..Barruel was not the first to make these charges but he was the first to present them in a fully developed historical context and his evidence was on a quite unprecedented scale..The 4 volumes of the text were published in a number of languages and created a debate about the role of the philosophes, their ideas, and the Enlightenment in the French Revolution..AbbĂ© Augustin Barruel (1741–1820) became a Jesuit in 1756 but by 1762 anti-Jesuit feeling in France had become so strong that he left and travelled for many years, returning only in 1773..In 1797, when living in exile in London, he wrote the Memoirs.. It was published in French by the French publishing company at 128 Wardour Street, Oxford Street, London..In his "Preliminary Discourse", Barruel defines the 3 forms of conspiracy as the "conspiracy of impiety" against God and Christianity, the "conspiracy of rebellion" against kings and monarchs, and "the conspiracy of anarchy" against society in general.. He sees the end of the 18th century as "one continuous chain of cunning, art, and seduction" intended to bring about the "overthrow of the altar, the ruin of the throne, and the dissolution of all civil society"...

The Jam-A bomb in Wardour street A/Ton...

The first volume examines the anti-Christian conspiracy that was begun by Voltaire in 1728 when Barruel claimed that Voltaire "consecrated his life to the annihilation of Christianity"..The second volume focuses on the anti-monarchical conspiracy that was led by Jean Jacques Rousseau and Baron de Montesquieu.. These conspirators sought to destroy the established monarchies under the guise of "Independence and Liberty"..Barruel '​s third volume addresses the antisocial conspiracy that was the objective of the Freemasons and the Order of the Illuminati.. The philosophes and their attacks against the church and the throne paved the way for the conspiracy that was led by these secret societies.. These groups were believed to have constituted a single sect that numbered over 300,000 members who were "all zealous for the Revolution, and all ready to rise at the first signal and to impart the shock to all others classes of the people".. Barruel surveyed the history of Masonry and maintained that its higher mysteries had always been of an atheist and republican cast...

He believed that it was his job to warn all governments and people of the goals of the Freemasons.. Barruel described in detail how this system worked in the case of the Illuminati.. Even after Johann Adam Weishaupt, the leader of the sect, was discovered and tried in court, the proceedings could not uncover the universal influence of the Illuminati and no steps were taken against the group.. The majority of the secret societies could always survive and carry on their activities because of the organization of the group.. The Illuminati, as a whole, functioned to radicalize the movement against the throne and altar and influenced more members of the population to subscribe to their hidden principles..They refined the secret structure that had been provided by the Masons basic framework.. In the minds of many, the Enlightenment was inextricably connected to the Revolution that followed...

Jacob (later given the name Israel) is considered a patriarch of the Israelites.. According to the Book of Genesis, Jacob ( Hebrew: יַעֲקֹב Standard Yaʿakov) was the 3rd Hebrew progenitor with whom God made a covenant..In the Hebrew Bible, he is the son of Isaac and Rebekah, the grandson of Abraham, Sarah and of Bethuel, and the younger twin brother of Esau.. Jacob had 12 sons and at least one daughter, by his 2 wives, Leah and Rachel, and by their handmaidens Bilhah and Zilpah.. The children named in Genesis were Reuben, Simeon, Levi, Judah, Dan, Naphtali, Gad, Asher, Issachar, Zebulun, daughter Dinah, Joseph, and Benjamin..His original name Ya'akov is sometimes explained as having meant "holder of the heel" or "supplanter", because he was born holding his twin brother Esau's heel, and eventually supplanted Esau in obtaining their father Isaac's blessing..As a result of a severe drought in Canaan, Jacob and his sons moved to Egypt at the time when his son Joseph was viceroy.. After Jacob died there 17 years later, Joseph carried Jacob's remains to the land of Canaan, and gave him a stately burial in the same Cave of Machpelah as were buried Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, Rebekah, and Jacob's first wife, Leah..Your love, in obscene Black masses, that tasted Your soul..Stab your demonical Smile to my brain!.Soak me in cognac..The house of Israel acquired many possessions and multiplied exceedingly during the course of se7enteen years, even through the worst of the se7en-year FaMine..Israel (Jacob) was 147 years old when he called to his favorite son Joseph..the combination of outstanding food enjoyed against the backdrop of London’s iconic sights and the River Thames, makes the Hispaniola a perfect choice... was Flint's treasure that we had come so far to seek, and that had cost already the lives of se7enteen men from the Hispaniola.. How many it had cost in the ammassing...

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