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Lightbulb W&P

War and Peace is the first English-language film version of the novel War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy.. It is an American/Italian production, directed by King Vidor and produced by Dino De Laurentiis and Carlo Ponti.. The music score was by Nino Rota and the cinematography by Jack Cardiff. The film was made by Dino de Laurentiis Productions and distributed by Paramount Pictures..The film script had to condense the extensive original.. It is primarily focused on Natasha, Pierre, and Andrei, their complex relationship and personal maturation on the backdrop of the historical events of the Napoleonic invasion.. In Moscow, most of the scenes take place at the Rostov residence, and episodes at the country estates are curtailed, with some exceptions such as the hunt where Natasha first meets Andrei..Release date August 21, 1956...

Whitechapel Gallery..

August – The exhibition This Is Tomorrow opens at Whitechapel Art Gallery in London.. The 77 song "This is Tomorrow" from In Your Mind by Bryan Ferry, a student of Richard Hamilton's, took its title from the name of the show\1- KRCR TV channel 7 in Redding-Chico, CA (ABC) begins broadcasting/4 - Elvis Presley releases "Hound Dog" - Indonesia says it will not pay debts to the Netherlands - 1st motorcycle rode over 200 mph (Wilhelm Herz-210 mph/338 kph)\6 – After going bankrupt in 1955, the American broadcaster DuMont Television Network airs its final broadcast, an episode of its sports series Boxing from St. Nicholas Arena/7 - Dynamite transport explodes in Colombia; about 1200 die- British government sends 3 aircraft carriers to Egypt\8 – 262 miners die in a fire in a coal mine in Marcinelle, Belgium/11 - 1st flight 4-motor Cessna 620 - Elvis Presley releases "Don't Be Cruel"\ 17 – West Germany bans the Communist Party of Germany– Scotland Yard are called to Eastbourne to investigate the activities of society doctor John Bodkin Adams. The case is reported around the world and press reports claim up to 400 patients may have been murdered/18 - Elvis Presley's "Hound Dog/Don't Be Cruel" reaches #1\20 - Republicans convene at Cow Palace/21 - WTVW TV channel 7 in Evansville, IN (ABC) begins broadcasting\22 - President Eisenhower & VP Nixon renominated by Rep convention in SF- Elvis Presley begins filming "The Reno Brothers" (Love Me Tender)/24 - 1st non-stop transcontinental helicopter flight arrived Wash DC\25 - To make room for Enos Slaughter, NY Yanks release Phil Rizzuto/30- White mob prevents enrollment of Blacks at Mansfield High School, Texas- USSR performs nuclear test (atmospheric tests) - Lake Pontchartrain Causeway opens...

The Whitechapel Gallery is a public art gallery on the north side of Whitechapel High Street, in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets.. Designed by Charles Harrison Townsend..The Whitechapel Gallery exhibited Pablo Picasso's Guernica in 1938 as part of a touring exhibition organised by Roland Penrose to protest the Spanish Civil War..Initiated by members of the Independent Group, the exhibition brought Pop Art to the general public as well as introducing some of the artists, concepts, designers and photographers that would define the Swinging Sixties..Whitechapel Road is the equal cheapest property location on the British version of the Monopoly game board.. Both it and the Old Kent Road are priced at £60..The name derives from a small chapel of ease dedicated to St Mary..Kelly is generally considered to be the Ripper's final victim, and it is assumed that the crimes ended because of the culprit's death, imprisonment, institutionalisation, or emigration..The Whitechapel murders file does, however, detail another 4 murders that happened after the canonical 5: those of Rose Mylett, Alice McKenzie, the Pinchin Street torso and Frances Coles..In the late Victorian era, Whitechapel was considered to be the most notorious criminal rookery in London..Eleven deaths in or near Whitechapel between 1888 and 1891 were gathered into a single file, referred to in the police docket as the Whitechapel murders..In addition to the 11 Whitechapel murders, commentators have linked other attacks to the Ripper..Much of the original material has been either stolen or destroyed... and patience..Patience and time.. The Grand Army is wounded, but is it mortally wounded?. An apple should not be plucked while it's green.. Patience and time...

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