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Lightbulb UFO Ville

In each episode, the team investigates reports of unidentified aerial phenomena in which they interview witnesses of close encounters with UFOs, USOs (unidentified submerged objects), and supposed extraterrestrial life..106 (6) "Cops vs. UFOs" March 5, 2008 The hunters look at police reports from Florida and the United Kingdom that involve patrolmen encounters with UFOs...210 (23) "Giant UFOs" February 4, 2009 The team probes the skies over England following an airline pilot's official report of a pair of UFOs he believed to be at least a mile in length, and a review of other sightings of gigantic unidentified craft seen over the United States..

On January 23, after initially denying that any aircraft were operating in the area, the US Air Force said that it was conducting training flights in the Stephenville area that involved 10 fighter jets.. The Air Force said they were merely F-16 Fighting Falcon jets conducting night flights from NAS JRB Fort Worth...

CNN News -Stephenville, Texas UFO Reports, Larry King Clip..

Washington Post blogger Emil Steiner reported that conspiracy theories had arisen claiming that reporter Angelia Joiner was fired from her job at the Empire-Tribune due to her reporting of the UFO story.. Steiner added, "conjecture breeds conspiracy theories.. Any official denial can be labeled a cover-up".. Herald Tribute writer Billy Cox wrote that inquiries made about the incident on his personal UFO blog have been "stonewalled" by the USAF...

On January 8, 2008, Stephenville gained national media attention when dozens of residents reported observations of unidentified flying objects (UFOs).. Several residents described a craft as the size of a football field, while others said they were nearly a mile long, similar to the historic Arizona mass sighting of March 13, 1997.. Some observers reported military aircraft pursuing the objects..CNN's Larry King covered the news story in the days following the incident, and according to Steve Allen, a private pilot who witnessed the UFO, the object was travelling at a high rate of speed which supposedly reached 3,000 feet in the air.. Allen said it was "About a half a mile wide and about a mile long.. It was humongous, whatever it was"..The History Channel show UFO Hunters featured a story about the UFO sightings...,_Texas've just begun to learn..Your race has no women, it can't have children.. It will die out..Eventually we'll have children with you..What kind of children?.Our kind...
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