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OK, stories that they know aren’t true, is that any better? I would suggest they’re propagating EGH myths, obviously believers in Fay would think they’re confirming what has been suspected.
They certainly are “pushing this forward” but where’s it going? The only progress I can see even vaguely connected is Napier, McSweeney & Janner, none of whom appear in the EGH docs.

Unlucky sweetcheeks, a reasonable assumption but no, I don’t get paid for my job. Industrial injury, early retirement & I’m currently paying to train as a counsellor. (Don’t laugh, I’m very chilled & calm in real life, this place brings out the worst in me)

I hope you agree it’s time to support survivors in whatever avenue they choose to take. Some are confident in the ‘official’ inquiry, some in The People’s Tribunal, others may want to go directly to the police or media. The handful of people trying to smear Goddard & Emerson are encouraging people to go to PT instead. It’s not a competition & will only result in damaging the credibility of both. Todays new revelation is that Emmerson is a member of the Haldane Society who have published material about reducing the age of consent, neatly ignoring the fact Mansfield is the Vice President. Emmerson represented Assange against rape allegations too, is that really as bad as defending Barrymore? I could go on but I’m sure you get the point.

PS - I've nothing but respect for your decency & hard work, it's a shame those I have issues with are no longer on this forum or I could address them directly.

Correction - Mansfield is now the President of the Haldane Society

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