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Lightbulb Dark side of the Wing

Life on the West Wing..

The Dark Side of the Moon Title card...
On his first day at work, new Associate Counsel Joe Quincy, uncovers a scandal of mammoth proportions, sending shockwaves through the administration.. As he researches the possibility of classified Mars report, he discovers the Vice President's affair with a Washington socialite, and the President must make a decision..

Historical map of Mars from Giovanni Schiaparelli was an Italian astronomer and science historian...

For centuries people have speculated about the possibility of life on Mars due to the planet's proximity and similarity to Earth.. Although there has been much speculation, to date there has never been any absolute proof of life existing on Mars.. However, cumulative evidence is now building that Mars once was habitable to life or may harbor life forms presently..Yamato 000593 is the second largest meteorite from Mars found on Earth.. Studies suggest the Martian meteorite was formed about 1.3 billion years ago from a lava flow on Mars.. An impact occurred on Mars about 12 million years ago and ejected the meteorite from the Martian surface into space.. The meteorite landed on Earth in Antarctica about 50,000 years ago... Matilda I really liked her story..I know.. If she has another seizure, of course bring her back to the ward, of course..What is going on?.Why has production stopped?..

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