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Captain Muath al-Kasasbeh...
Muath Safi Yousef Al-Kasasbeh ( معاذ صافي يوسف الكساسبة‎ ; 29 May 1988 – c. 3 January 2015) was a Royal Jordanian Air Force pilot.. He was captured, held hostage, and burned alive by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL)..Al-Kasasbeh's F-16 fighter aircraft crashed near Raqqa, Syria, on 24 December 2014 during the military intervention against ISIL.. United States and Jordanian officials said that the crash was caused by mechanical problems, while the Islamic State claimed that the plane was hit by a heat-seeking missile..After the Jordanian government insisted on proof that al-Kasasbeh was alive before it would exchange al-Rishawi, the Islamic State released a video on 3 February 2015 showing al-Kasasbeh being burned to death while trapped inside a cage...

The Clash - Rock the Kasbah..

The plane al-Kasasbeh was piloting, a Lockheed Martin F-16 formerly used by the Royal Belgian Air Force, crashed after suffering from mechanical problems on 24 December 2014 during a bombing raid on a brick factory..He ejected and parachuted into a lake near Raqqa, Syria.. He was quickly captured by bearded Islamic State militants with Kalashnikovs and pulled from the water, naked from the waist down..An airborne search had been launched after he went down according to US officials, but he was not able to evade capture..The video shows him with a black left eye, first at a table and then confined in a black steel cage..Later on 4 February, Jordan launched its first military response to al-Kasasbeh's killing.. Jordanian warplanes bombed ISIL positions in Mosul, killing 55 ISIL fighters, including a senior commander..The following day, Jordan launched airstrikes against ISIL weapons and munition warehouses and training camps.. According to U.S. officials, the attacks took place near Ar-Raqqah and involved 20 Jordanian F-16s, and American refueling and radio jamming aircraft assisted.. After the jets completed their mission, they overflew al-Kasasbeh's hometown of Karak while on their way back to base.. The Jordan Radio and Television Corporation aired footage shot prior to those attacks, of pilots scribbling messages onto bombs slated to be used in the strikes. "For you, the enemies of Islam," read one message.. Others bore verses from the Quran..ISIL said that the killing could be justified by Islamic law.. Clerics and leading figures of the Islamic world roundly condemned it as murder.., you've been shot down, life is tough..You're a combat aviator, start acting like one..We each have our jobs.. Now I'm a Marine..That means I do the serious work...

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