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Arrow سلاح الجو الملكي الأردني

سلاح الجو الملكي الاردني عملية الشهيد معاذ

During World War I, T.E. Lawrence used the historic castle in Azraq and the plains at that site as a base for use as a landing ground for the aircraft which were supporting the column pushing north towards Syria.. The main qualities of the area were its good visibility and fine weather for flying..Jordan gained independence in 1946, but its first air bases had been set up in 1931 by the Royal Air Force.. By 1950, Jordan began to develop a small air arm which came to be known as the Arab Legion Air Force (ALAF).. The Royal Air Force assisted in training this small air arm and provided equipment.. The ALAF's primary fighter was the de Havilland Vampire and a Vickers VC.1 Viking was operated as a VIP aircraft for use by the King of Jordan.. By 1955 King Hussein realized the need for Jordan to have a more modern Air force, and on 25 September 1955 the RJAF was established.. By 1958 the Royal Air Force had left Jordan and the RJAF had taken control of the airfields in the country..

F-16 Fighting Falcon aircraft of the Air Forces of Jordan and the United States at Muwaffaq Salti Air Base, Azraq, Jordan...

By the 60's, the RJAF had a fleet of Hawker Hunters in the fighter role, with C-47 Dakota cargo planes and helicopters used in the transport role. 1964 brought the RJAF's first victory in the air.. In the Battle of the Dead Sea, 4 Hawker Hunters shot down one Israeli Mirage III and damaged 3 others..During the 67 Six-Day War, the RJAF destroyed an Israeli Nord Noratlas on the grounds of Sirkin air base before an Israeli counterstrike destroyed the RJAF on the ground and in their hangars decisively removing the RJAF from the war..In the 70's the RJAF was modernised.. Lockheed F-104 Starfighters were acquired from the United States following heavy losses in the Six-Day War.. However, the Starfighter proved superfluous and several were donated to the Pakistan Air Force with the last unit withdrawn from service in 77 leaving a fighter gap that would not be filled until the arrival of the Dassault Mirage F1 in 81..In the 80's, the RJAF supported Saddam Hussein and the Iraqi regime during the Iran-Iraq War, committing their aircraft for combat training alongside Iraqi aircraft squadrons with one joint aircraft squadron..

It has been claimed that newly stamped ammunition crates from the Jordanian Armed Forces were found in the possession of Iraqi forces during Desert Storm, and repair tags from the Jordanian Air Force were found on I-Hawk missile system components that the Iraqi forces captured during their invasion of Kuwait and which Iraq tried to field against the coalition forces..U.S. military assistance has been primarily directed toward upgrading Jordan’s air force, as recent purchases include upgrades to U.S.-made F-16 fighters, air-to-air missiles, and radar systems..RJAF pilots have participated in 'Bright Star' in Egypt against regional F-16 Fighting Falcons and have improved their skills considerably, especially in defining critical areas of upgrading..Some 17 Block 15 F-16s were sent to Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) where they were upgraded to MLU (Block 40) standard, this enabling advanced AGMs and latest PGMs to be carried..The Jordanian Special Operations Aviation Brigade has been using Sikorsky UH-60L Blackhawk and MD Helicopters MD-530F helicopters for special operations and border security..On 23 September 2014, Jordanian air force aircraft joined in US-led air strikes against terrorist targets in Syria that later became known as Operation Inherent Resolve..The Royal Jordanian Air Force consists of about 12,000 officers and non-commissioned officers and a civilian..The 5 Extra 300 aerobatic aircraft of the Royal Jordanian Falcons are operated by RJAF pilots, but owned by Royal Jordanian Airlines...'s the good of talking to you..You can't even begin to understand democracy.. We own the right to be fed up with anything we damn please and say so out loud when we feel like it...
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