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Lightbulb The City of a Million Roses

Donetsk Coat of arms...
Since the start of the conflict in eastern Ukraine eight months ago, the Kremlin has denied any direct involvement, including sending Russian troops.. But there are Russian fighters on the ground who are proud to announce their presence - and to discuss their ideas of "holy war"...Pavel, from the southern Russian city of Rostov-on-Don - a tall man in his late 30s with a fashionably trimmed beard and a bookish air - is just one of hundreds, perhaps as many as 1,000, Russian volunteers fighting in Ukraine..They're a mixed bunch: some are retired professional soldiers hardened by Russia's wars against the Chechen rebels, some former policemen - and possibly, secret service agents - who later went into business, some youngsters who've never even served in the army.. And their cultural reference-points are bewilderingly eclectic. The image of Orthodox Crusaders sits uneasily with the emblem of the brigade they serve in - a skull-and-crossbones - and their motto: "The more enemies - the more honour"...

The city of Donetsk is adjacent to another major city of Makiivka and along with other surrounding cities forms a major urban sprawl and conurbation in the region. Donetsk is a major economic, industrial and scientific centre of Ukraine with a high concentration of companies and a skilled workforce.. In 1869 Welsh businessman, John Hughes constructed a steel plant and several coal mines in the region; the town was thus named Yuzivka (Юзівка) in recognition of his role in its founding ("Yuz" being a Russian or Ukrainian approximation of Hughes). During Soviet times, the city's steel industry was expanded. In 1924 it was renamed Stalinе (Сталіне), and in 1932 the city became the centre of the Donetsk region.. Renamed Donetsk in 1961, the city today remains the centre for Ukraine's coal mining and notable steel industry centre..The oblast is known for its urban sprawl and is often associated with mining industry..Its longitude from north to south is 270 km, from east to west – 190 km..The Donetsk Oblast covers more than one half coal, finished steel, coke, cast iron and steel production in Ukraine.. Ferrous metallurgy, fuel industry and power industry are in demand in the structure of industry production...'re worried about a budget meeting? If we don't take care of this, we don't make it to the men's room..Is that clear enough for you?..
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