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Arrow Clan MacArthur

Iron Maiden - The Clansman..
Clan Arthur,(Gaelic: Clann Artair), or Clan MacArthur is a highland Scottish clan that once held lands on the shores of Loch Awe opposite Inishail..The clan has been described as one of the oldest clans in Argyll.. Clan Arthur and Clan Campbell share a common origin, and at one point the MacArthurs challenged the seniority of the leading Campbell family.. A branch of MacArthurs from the Isle of Skye were a sept of the MacDonalds of Sleat, and were hereditary pipers for the MacDonalds of the Isles.. In late 18th century the chief of the clan died without an heir,leaving the clan leaderless until the late 20th century.. In 2002, the first chief of Clan Arthur was recognised in about 230 years...

Crest: Two laurel branches in orle Proper...

During the reign of Alexander III (r.1249-1286), the Clan Campbell made its first appearance, and was divided into two branches Mac Cailinmor and Mac Arthur.. The nineteenth century historian William F. Skene wrote that during the reign of Robert I (r.1306–1329), the Mac Cailinmor branch (the Campbells) did not possess any land in what is now Argyll, while Mac Arthur, head of the Mac Arthur branch was in possession of extensive territory in the earldom Garmoran, which was the original seat of the Campbells.. Skene wrote that "it is therefore impossible to doubt that Mac Arthur was at this time the head of the clan, and this position he appears to have maintained until the reign of James I of Scotland"..Arthur Campbell, of the Mac Arthur branch, along with Neil Campbell, of the Mac Cailinmor branch, supported Robert the Bruce and were richly rewarded by the king with the forfeited lands of his opponents.. Arthur Campbell was made keeper of Dunstaffnage Castle along with extensive territory in the district of Lorne.. Later, during the reign of David II, the Mac Cailinmor ever becoming more powerful, since the marriage of Sir Neil Campbell with a sister of Robert I, were resisted from taking control of the clan by the Mac Arthur branch with the obtaining of a charter "Arthuro Campbell quod nulli subjictur pro terris nisi regi," by Arthur Campbell..The MacArthur chiefly line was traced nine generations down from this John MacArthur of Tirivadich, through his eldest grandson: Duncan MacArthur of Tirivadich; and 3 generations through John MacArthur of Tirivadich's younger grandsons: Niall MacArthur of Querlane and John MacArthur of Drissaig..There are several tartans attributed to the MacArthurs..A group of MacArthurs from the Isle of Skye were hereditary pipers to the MacDonalds, and this tartan shares the same basic form of the MacDonald, Lord of the Isles tartan..The source of this tartan is Wilson's '1823' Sample Book... baits and deceptions, lure your enemy into treacherous terrain.. Then cut off his lines of communication and avenue of escape.. To save himself, he must fight both your own forces and the elements of nature..Then go in at full strength and pick up the pieces...

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