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Arrow Screaming Eagles

Alexander McQueen logo...

Gentleman's Agreement..
Arch of Triumph is a 1948 American war romance film starring Ingrid Bergman, Charles Boyer and Charles Laughton.. It was directed by Lewis Milestone and is based on the 1945 novel Arch of Triumph by Erich Maria Remarque, which he wrote during his nine-year exile in the United States..The film was remade as a made-for-television film, Arch of Triumph, in 1985 with Anthony Hopkins as Dr. Ravic.. The scene where Ravic kills Haake also included him stuffing Haake in the car's trunk, stripping him naked, burying him and burning his clothes — this was cut from the film...

Arch of Triumph (1948) Film Trailer ..

March The "New Look" in women's fashion becomes available in British stores-The Israeli Air Force is formed along with the new state of Israel/5 - US rocket flies record 4800 kph to 126km height\7- The Dodecanese islands officially become part of Greece again, ending the Italian rule/8 – McCollum v. Board of Education: The United States Supreme Court rules that religious instruction in public schools violates the U.S. Constitution\9 - Provisionary Indonesian government installed in Batavia/10 – Fighter Squadron 5 (VF-5) becomes the first United States Navy aircraft carrier squadron to be equipped with jet aircraft\11- Jewish Agency of Jerusalem bombed- WBAL TV channel 11 in Baltimore, MD (CBS) begins broadcasting/12 – The Costa Rican Civil War begins- -5°F lowest temperature ever recorded in Cleveland in March – Northwest Airlines Flight 4422, a chartered Douglas C-54G-1-DO, crashes into Mount Sanford in the Territory of Alaska, killing all 30 people on board\14- Freedom Train arrives in SF/15- Sir Laurence Olivier on the cover of LIFE magazine\16 – The largest flood in the history of Brampton, Ontario, occurs- Billie Holiday is released from prison early because of good behaviour/17 -Treaty of Brussels signed by Belgium, France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, providing for econ-omic, social and cultural collaboration and collective self-defence-The Hells Angels motorcycle gang is founded in California\18 – The Round Table Conference in The Hague, Netherlands for the preparation of the decolonization process for Aruba and the other Dutch Colonies- Philips begin experimental TV broadcasting- Soviet consultants have left Yugoslavia in first sign of Tito-Stalin split/19- Lee Savold KOs Gino Buonvino in 54 seconds at Madison Square Garden, NYC\20-Singapore holds its first elections-Renowned Italian conductor Arturo Toscanini makes his TV debut, conducting the NBC Symphony Orchestra in an all-Wagner program-The 20th Academy Awards ceremony is held. Gentleman's Agreement wins Best Picture- 1st live televised musical Eugene Ormandy on CBS followed in 90./23 – The radio comedy Take It From Here, written by Frank Muir and Denis Norden, is first broadcast by the BBC.- John Cunningham sets world altitude record \27- Just 11 days after being released from prison, Billie Holiday plays in front of a sold-out crowd at Carnegie Hall- The Second Congress of the Workers' Party of North Korea is convened/31 - Congress passes Marshall Aid Act to rehabilitate war-torn Europe- U.S. Joint Intelligence Committee forecasts that the Soviet Union will test its first atomic bomb sometime between 1950 and 1953 and by 1953 will have from 20 to 50 atomic bombs, depending on when it tests its first one..

In October 2010 the Hells Angels filed a lawsuit against Alexander McQueen for "misusing its trademark winged death heads symbol" in several items from its Autumn/Winter 2010 collection..The lawsuit is also aimed at Saks Fifth Avenue and, which stock the jacquard box dress and knuckle duster ring which bear the symbol which has been used since at least 1948 and is protected by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office..McQueen died nine days after the death of his mother, Joyce, 75, from cancer..Westminster Coroner's Court was told that a post-mortem examination found that McQueen's death was due to asphyxiation and hanging on the afternoon of 11 February 2010, his housekeeper found him at his home on Green Street, London W1..The BBC reported that McQueen had reserved £50,000 ($82,000) of his wealth for his pet dogs so they could live in the lap of luxury for the rest of their lives.. He also bequeathed £100,000 ($164,315) each to four charities; these include the Battersea Dogs and Cats Home in south London, and the Blue Cross animal welfare charity in Burford, Oxfordshire..The Beatles' George Harrison invited some members of the HAMC San Francisco to stay at Apple Records in London in 1968.. According to Chris O'Dell, only two members showed up at Apple Records, Frisco Pete and Bill "Sweet William" Fritsch..His ashes were later scattered on the Isle of Skye... mean, it's real hard to be free when you are bought and sold in the marketplace..I think I'll order kidneys, 'cause I left mine out there on the road somewhere...

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