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Rinteln Coat of arms...

Ravic , is an Austrian doctor who helped Jews escape from the Nazi regime. He was tortured in a concentration camp.. In 1939 he is living in Paris, under a false name and without any documents, constantly aware of the risk of being arrested.. At night, on one of Paris bridges over the Seine, Ravic meets Joan Madou, a woman about to (possibly) attempt suicide, and helps her.. This is the start of a romance..But the prickly Ravic has unfinished business with the Nazis, and he is separated from Joan after being discovered as refugee without papers..Rinteln is a small town in Lower Saxony, Germany, it is 60 kilometers west of Hanover, and just 20 kilometers from Hamelin of Pied Piper fame...

Rees-Jones was born on 3 March 1968 in Rinteln, Germany, the son of Colin Rees, a surgeon in the British Army, and Gill, a nurse.. When he was 10, he returned with his family to Oswestry, on the Welsh border near his father's childhood home.. At the now-defunct Fitzalan School, he enrolled in the cadet force..In 1987, Rees-Jones enlisted in the 1st Battalion of the Parachute Regiment, served one tour of duty in Northern Ireland and was awarded the General Service Medal..On 31 August 1997 Rees-Jones was seriously injured in the crash that resulted in the death of Diana, Princess of Wales..He underwent a 10-hour operation to restore his jaw to a normal condition..Following the crash he was incorrectly reported to have served in the 82 Falklands War and First Gulf War, escaped the 1990 Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, and been a close-protection officer in the Royal Military Police..Rees-Jones wrote a book, The Bodyguard's Story: Diana, the Crash, and the Sole Survivor,about his experiences, with the help of ghost-writer...

The loan-to-value (LTV) ratio is a financial term used by lenders to express the ratio of a loan to the value of an asset purchased..Trevor D. Rees-Jones (born 1951) is an American attorney, business executive and philanthropist from Texas.. He is the founder and chairman of Chief Oil and Gas.. He has a net worth of approximately $5.3 billion..He started his career as a bankruptcy attorney in Dallas.. Later, he practised oil and gas reorganization law with Thompson & Knight..In 1984, he began pursuing oil and gas investments..Rees-Jones owns Cook Canyon Ranch near Ranger, Texas.. In October 2010, he paid the pop singer Jon Bon Jovi to play at a party there..For his 60th birthday party in August 2011, Dan Aykroyd, Jim Belushi and the Blues Brothers Band performed as the opening act, followed by The Eagles, who played a 2 hour set.. There were 25-30 private jets at the ranch's airstrip..Rees-Jones has emerged as a large donor to the Republican Party and gave $1 million to American Crossroads..Arch of Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and International Shrine of the Holy Innocents is a proposed Catholic shrine and monument in Buffalo, New York to honor the Virgin Mary and the Holy Innocents... of galaxies of hundreds of millions of stars, in a speck on one in a blink.. That's us, lost in space.. The cop, you, me..Who notices?..6 hours he's riding the subway before anybody notices his corpse doing laps around L.A..It's like ordering a pizza..You ask for Canadian Bacon you end up with a German sausage...

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