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Lightbulb Mons Vitruvius

33..Isis (Central Pit Crater)-Ganymede, Jupiter ...
Is a mountain (Isis) on the Moon that is located in the Montes Taurus region just to the north of Mare Tranquillitatis and to the southeast of Mare Serenitatis. This massif is located at selenographic coordinates of 19.4° N, 30.8° E, and it has a diameter across the base of 15 km.. It rises to a maximum height of about 2.3 km near the northeastern end. This mountain was named after the crater Vitruvius, located to the south-southeast.. (The eponym for this feature is Marcus P. Vitruvius.)..The Apollo 17 mission landed in the Taurus–Littrow valley to the north of this mountain.. Several small craters in the vicinity of this peak and the landing site have been assigned names by the IAU..

Eugene Cernan on the lunar surface, December 13, 1972..

Apollo 17 was launched at 12:33 am EST on December 7, 1972, from launch pad 39-A at the Kennedy Space Center.. It was the last manned Saturn V launch and the only night launch..Apollo 17 included a biological cosmic ray experiment (BIOCORE), carrying mice that had been implanted with radiation monitors to see whether they suffered damage from cosmic rays..5 pocket mice (Perognathus longimembris) were implanted with radiation monitors under their scalps and flown on the mission..4 of the five mice survived the flight; the cause of death of the 5th mouse was not determined..At approximately 2:47 pm EST on December 10, the Service Propulsion System engine on the Command/Service Module ignited to slow down the CSM/Lunar Module stack into lunar orbit.. Following orbit insertion and orbital stabilization, the crew began preparations for landing in the Taurus-Littrow valley..The first moonwalk (EVA) of the mission began approximately 4 hours after landing, at about 6:55 pm on December 11..ISIS 1 and 2 ("International Satellites for Ionospheric Studies") were the third and 4th satellites that were launched in a series of Canadian satellites sent up to study the ionosphere... you know the Caesars would send their sons to the furthest most corners of the empire so they could get an appreciation of how the world works?..
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