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Adam Ants father Leslie Alfred Goddard was jailed in 1987 with Sidney Cooke as part of the Dirty Dozen gang. The Madness of Prince Charming documentary says he died in prison one year later (age 59).

Stuart Leslie Goddard/Adam Ant suffered hallucinations & would sleepwalk when his drunken father was beating his mother, this behaviour stopped instantly when his father left when he was 7 (1961 or 62).

His mother & father met in 1947 when she was 15 & working for the Queens dressmaker Norman Hartnell. Leslie Alfred Goddard used to drink in pubs with Ruth Ellis, the last woman to be hanged in Britain in 1955, Ellis was also friends with Dr Stephen Ward & Diana Dors.

In September 1966, Adam moved to Marylebone Grammar School, the governors were Margaret Thatcher MP for Finchley & Quentin Hogg (another notorious tory paedophile). Adams mother was working at Paul McCartneys house as a cleaner when Thatcher suddenly fixed it with the council to get them moved to better house.

Like Sidney Cooke, Leslie Alfred Goddard was also a chauffeur to rich families.
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