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Lightbulb Gentle on My Mind

Miss Gallagher...

Bowling Green (Digitally Remastered 01) ...
Gentle on My Mind is the 6th album by American singer-guitarist Glen Campbell,by Capitol Records..The centerpiece is "Gentle on My Mind".. Campbell heard songwriter John Hartford's original version on the radio and fell in love with this song about memories of a lost love.. Hartford’s inspiration for the song came from watching the film Dr. Zhivago.. He would later remember, "I know watching the movie gave me a feeling that caused me to start writing, but as far as saying it came from that, I don't know..It just came from experience..Length 27:57..Released August 67..

Tor Bay and Three Cliffs Bay, Gower, Swansea...

August 13 - The first line-up of Fleetwood Mac makes their live debut at the Windsor Jazz and Blues Festival – Night of the Grizzlies sparks national concern over bear drama, from PBS in Montana's Glacier National Park/14 – Wonderful Radio London shuts down at 3:00 PM in anticipation of the Marine Broadcasting Offences Act.. Many fans greet the staff upon their return to London that evening with placards reading "Freedom died with Radio London - Radio Scotland & Radio Swinging Holland go off the air\15 – United Kingdom Marine Broadcasting Offences Act declares participation in offshore pirate radio illegal.. Radio Caroline defies the Act and continues broadcasting- Pope Paul VI publishes constitution Regimini Ecclesiae Universae/17 – Jimmy Hill, manager of the Coventry City announced that he is leaving management to concentrate on a TV career\25 – American Nazi Party leader George Lincoln Rockwell is assassinated in Arlington, Virginia- Beatles go to Wales to study TM with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi- Train crash at Beesd, 2 die/27 -Beatles manager Brian Epstein is found dead in his locked bedroom-The East Coast Wrestling Association is established- Naomi Sims is 1st black model on US cover (Fashion of the Times) - Sandra Haynie wins LPGA Amarillo Ladies' Golf Open\30- US Senate confirm Thurgood Marshall as 1st black justice - American aircraft bomb North Vietnamese road, railroad, and canal traffic in an attempt to isolate Haiphong/31– McCartney calls a band meeting to discuss his TV movie idea about a psychedelic bus ride...'ve seen a general inspecting troops.. Just walk slow, act dumb and look stupid!.My old man came from Silesia.. He didn't speak German, he didn't dig coal.. If he didn't dig coal, he didn't eat...

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