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Arrow Methodist Corners

The prologue shows a church in Guatemala in which a man and a boy, Ben Mears and Mark Petrie, are filling small bottles with holy water.. When one of the bottles begins to emit an eerie supernatural glow, Mears tells Petrie "They've found us again." Knowing an evil presence is there, they decide to fight it..After a large crate is delivered to the Marsten House one night, an increasing number of the townsfolk begin to disappear or die in strange circumstances...

Coat of Arms Lausanne..

Both Mears and Straker are initially the main suspects as they are new in town, but it becomes clear that the crate contained Straker's mysterious business partner, Kurt Barlow, an ancient master vampire who has come to the town after having sent Straker to make way for his arrival.. are a clever boy.. Are you not?.You do not well at school, but it's because you are too clever..Too busy, thinking your own thoughts..But you are much smarter than your teachers, Jah?..
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