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Arrow Social Stratification

You Recorded at The Manor, Oxfordshire...

Prince Charles' Poundbury developer C G Fry & Son - BBC Southern Eye Freemasonry (2000) ..
A Masonic handshake is a handshake that is used as a form of recognition between two Freemasons..The Freemasons have at least 12 known universal secret handshakes that were implemented in their society, however, there are believed to be many more unrecorded masonic secret handshakes.. The secretiveness of this society is prevalent in their greetings.. The Freemasons use their set of unique handshakes to not only identify members of the society, but also to identity the different levels, classes, or castes of people within the societies.. Fellow masons shake hands using secret handshakes, but within the society, apprentices and masters have distinctly different handshakes to identify one from another.. Additionally, the Freemasons make use of the aforementioned secret signals to subtly indicate who is of what level.. For instance, one handshake used between a master from an apprentice includes distinct touches on the knuckles..The Masonic handshake has been featured in exaggerated form in Monty Python's Architects Sketch..Cast, in archaeology, a cavity formed by the decomposition of wood furnishings or human or animal remains, previously covered due to volcanic ash fall..Casting is a manufacturing process by which a liquid material is usually poured into a mold..Cast, the casting of magic spells..Inhabitants of Cast are called in French Castois..The use of the spelling "caste," is first attested to in English in 1613..In Japan's history, social strata based on inherited position rather than personal merits, was rigid and highly formalized..By what magic do you bear the name of a Consul of Rome?.. listen to me, all of you.. You are all condemned men.. We keep you alive to serve this ship.. So row well, and live..Battle speed!..Attack speed!..Ramming speed!..

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