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Lightbulb Ring Cairn

The East Pagoda (東塔 Tō-tō), completed in 730, is the only original 8th-century structure at Yakushi-ji...
A ring cairn (also correctly termed a ring bank enclosure, but sometimes wrongly described as a ring barrow) is a circular or slightly oval, ring-shaped, low (maximum 0.5 metres high) embankment, several metres wide and from 8 to 20 metres in diameter.. It is made of stone and earth and was originally empty in the centre.. In several cases the middle of the ring was later used (at Hound Tor, for example there is a stone cist in the centre).. The low profile of these cairns, is not always possible to make out without conducting excavations..These sites date to the Bronze Age and occur in Cornwall; Wales and Derbyshire (Barbrook IV and V and Green Low) in England and in Ireland..In 1898 Blackheath Barrow—a ring cairn monument situated above Cross Stone in Todmorden - was excavated and proved to be a site of "surpassing archaeological interest", according to J. Lawton Russell, one of the men who carried out the excavation.. Various Bronze Age items were discovered, including sepulchral urns, a human skull, teeth and hands...

Showery Tor is a rocky outcrop near Camelford on Bodmin Moor in Cornwall...

The situation is rather different on the gritstones of the Eastern Uplands.. Here it is more common to find smaller stone circles and ring cairns.. The patterned relationship of these smaller monuments to cairnfield systems throughout the Eastern Moors suggests that they were built and used by specific communities, probably in the centuries around 2000 BC..Ring cairns may have had a function that lay somewhere between that of the much older henges and the contemporary stone circles..Although graves have been found in some ring cairns this does not appear to be their original purpose.. in the central area, graves and pits with cremation ashes, fireplaces and sometimes, small, low cairns are found..The slightly oval ring cairns near Arthur's Stone on the Gower Peninsula show that the inner edge of ring cairns were especially carefully constructed and were set in front of a small grave.. Originally there was a passage through the ring here which is about 10 metres across, that was blocked when the cairn ceased to be used..It is believed that during the Bronze Age Cefn Bryn was used extensively for ceremonies and rituals.. Beneath the bracken on the hill over sixty cairns have been discovered..A double murder took place at Christ Church, Todmorden on 2 March 1868..On 4 April 1868 Weatherhill became the last person to be publicly hanged in Manchester, at the New Bailey prison..Local legend has it that the face of a young woman is sometimes seen in the window of the vicarage, now in private ownership... anyone guess what this building was used for.. What, you can see her?.Yes..Where is she?.Standing next to my window..
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