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Arrow Russian Bear

A QRA Typhoon F2 escorts a Russian Bear-H aircraft over the North Atlantic Ocean...
A new requirement was issued to both Tupolev and Myasishchev design bureaus in 1950: the proposed bomber had to have an un-refueled range of 8,000 km (4,970 mi)—far enough to threaten key targets in the United States.. Other goals included the ability to carry an 11,000 kg (11 ton) load over the target..

H is the 8th letter in the ISO basic Latin alphabet..

In Ukrainian and Belarusian, when written in the Latin alphabet, 'h' is also commonly used for /ɦ/, normally written with the Cyrillic letter 'г'..

In Irish, h is not considered an independent letter, except for a very few non-native words, however 'h' placed after a consonant is known as a "séimhiú" and indicates lenition of that consonant; 'h' began to replace the original form of a séimhiú, a dot placed above the consonant, after the introduction of typewriters.

In most dialects of Polish, both 'h' and the digraph 'ch' always represent /x/..

The Russian language has no /h/ sound and there is no letter to represent this sound in the Russian (Cyrillic) alphabet.. In transliterations the letter 'x' (pronounced as /x/) is used, as in Хэмпшир for "Hampshire", although in some longer established names 'г' (pronounced /ɡ/) is for 'h', as in Генрих for "Henry".. my temperature hits 86 degrees, you're going to hit me with 200 Joules.. The electric current will stop my heart..Take me up to 93 degrees slowly.. Inject 1 cc of Adrenaline, and at 1 minute, Joe..

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