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Simon & Garfunkel - Mrs. Robinson ..The Concert in Central Park...
Strokestown was the site of the estate of the Anglo-Irish Mahon family from about 1671 until 1982.. On 2 November 1847 the patriarch of the family and landlord of the surrounding estate, Major Denis Mahon, was assassinated by several local men in an incident that became infamous across Ireland and Britain at the time.. The killing was motivated by the removal of starving tenant farmers from the estate lands during the Irish Potato Famine of 1845.. The killing of Denis Mahon did not halt the evictions, and eventually over 11,000 tenants were removed from the Mahon estate during that period..There is a museum commemorating the Great Famine of 1845 in the town.. Mary Lenahan, of Elphin Street, Strokestown, an ancestor of Mary McAleese, was among 16 people recorded in the Strokestown Estate Famine Archive as having received grain meal gratuitously on 23 June 1846.. The archive was deposited in November 2008 in the Maynooth Archive and Research Centre in Celbridge, Co. Kildare..

Andratx Seal...

Mary Patricia McAleese ( née Leneghan; Irish: Máire Pádraigín Mhic Giolla Íosa; born 27 JUne 1951) served as the 8th President of Ireland from 1997 to 2011.. She was the second female president and was first elected in 1997 succeeding Mary Robinson, making McAleese the world's first woman to succeed another as president.. She was re-elected unopposed for a second term in office in 2004.. McAleese is the first President of Ireland to have come from either Northern Ireland or Ulster..She is a Roman Catholic..Her family was forced to leave the area by loyalists when The Troubles broke out..Educated at St Dominic's High School, she also spent some time when younger with the Poor Clares, Queen's University Belfast (from which she graduated in 1973), and Trinity College, Dublin.. She was called to the Northern Irish Bar in 74, and remains a member of the Irish Bar..In 1975, she was appointed Reid Professor of Criminal law, Criminology and Penology in Trinity College, succeeding Mary Robinson...

The Alondra was a British steamer owned by Yeoward Bros. Ltd. out of Liverpool.. It sank on December 29, 1916, in the North Atlantic after running aground at Kedge Rock in Baltimore, County Cork, Ireland.. Se7enteen men of the crew lost their lives while the remaining 23 were rescued..The exact cause of the wrecking of the Alondra is not entirely clear. What is known is that the ship ran aground on Kedge Rock, an island off of Baltimore that consists of sheer rock cliffs. After its collision with Kedge Rock,16 of the Alondra’s crew were able to get aboard one of the ship’s lifeboats, but ended up drowning before they could reach safety.. Another man died on board.. Meanwhile, the Archdeacon John Richard Hedges Becher, who was serving as the honorary secretary of the Baltimore Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI), set out with a rescue lifeboat. He failed to reach the Alondra on the first try, then again on the second.. When the sun rose, they set out a 3rd time using a rocket apparatus and managed to reach the vessel..The ship settled at a depth of 5 to twenty meters and is located at 51°27′40″N 09°20′44″W..The words "Rio Tinto" is simply Spanish or Portuguese for "Red River" it was actually named after a red looking Spanish river, therefore appropriately named Rio Tinto. Acid mine drainage caused the red colouring to the river.. Industry Metals and Mining... makes cages of all sizes and shapes, you know.. Bank-shaped, some of them,carpets and all..Though her words are simple and few, listen, listen, she's calling to you...

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