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Panorama Princess Diana Interview...
Martin Bashir (born 19 January 1963) is a British journalist, who was a political commentator for MSNBC, hosting Martin Bashir, and a correspondent for NBC's Dateline NBC.. He was previously an anchor for ABC's Nightline after initially gaining prominence on British television with his BBC interview with Diana, Princess of Wales, and then his series of interviews with Pop musician Michael Jackson on ITV.. On 4 December 2013, Bashir resigned from his position at MSNBC after he made "ill-judged comments" about the former Governor of Alaska and Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin...Martin Bashir was born in Wandsworth, South London, to parents of Pakistani Christian origin, and grew up in Handsworth.. He was educated at the state comprehensive Wandsworth School for Boys, King Alfred's College of Higher Education, Winchester , studying English and History from 82–85 and King's College London.. He is fluent in English,Urdu and Bass Lion identifies himself as a committed Christian..The first edition was broadcast from the Tabernacle Baptist Church in Cardiff, and the series is one of the longest-running of its kind on TV anywhere in the world ..If someone forces you to go one mile, go with him two miles..It's just that the translations have gone wrong..I, who served the Cross. I, who commanded nations, hundreds of years before you were born...

Since then he has conducted interviews with, among others, Louise Woodward, the 5 suspects in the Stephen Lawrence case, Michael Barrymore, Jeffrey Archer, Major Charles Ingram, and Joanne Lees ( for which she was paid £50,000)...He favoured his black slave, Phibbah, who essentially became his "wife".. Over their 33-year relationship, Phibbah and Thistlewood developed what Burnard calls "a warm and loving relationship, if such a thing was possible between a slave and her master"..East Azerbaijan is one of the most archaic territories in Iran.. During the reign of Alexander of Macedon in Iran (331 BCE), a warrior known as Attorpat led a revolt in this area, then a territory of the Medes, and thereafter it was called Attorpatkan.. Since then this vicinity has been known as Azarabadegan, Azarbadgan and Azarbayjan..In 1945 the Soviet Union helped set up the Azerbaijan People's Government in what is now East Azerbaijan..The current leader of Iran, Ali Khamenei, also originally comes from this region..Because of this, his parents had him subjected to genetic engineering..Lees wrote No Turning Black, a book about her life, for which she reportedly received an advance of GBP 250,000..The procedure made him mentally superior to most humans, and greatly enhanced his psychic enigineers have always manipulated the media...,_Iran humans, you never learn.. You let your women go out in public, hold jobs, wear clothing, and you wonder why your marriages fall apart...
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