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Arrow Blacula Scream

Duke of Hamilton and Brandon...

Jim Croce - One Less Set Of Footsteps ...
After a dying Voodoo queen, Mama Loa, chooses an adopted apprentice, Lisa Fortier as her successor, her arrogant son and true heir, Willis, is outraged. Seeking revenge, he buys the bones of Mamuwalde the vampire from the former shaman of the voodoo cult, and uses voodoo to resurrect the vampire to do his bidding. However, while it brings Mamuwalde back to life, he quickly bites Willis upon awakening..Willis now finds himself in a curse of his own doing: made into a vampire hungering for blood and, ironically, a slave to the very creature he sought to control.. Meanwhile, Justin Carter , an ex-police officer with a large collection of acquired African antiquities and an interest in the occult, begins to investigate the murders caused by Mamuwalde and his growing vampire horde..Lisa refuses to help Mamuwalde after she witnesses him kill the other police officers in the house in a fit of rage..Running time 96 minutes..Release date June 27, 1973...

A 1914 recruiting poster for the Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders..

June 23 – A house fire in Kingston upon Hull, England, which kills a 6-year-old boy is passed off as an accident; it later emerges as the first of 26 fire deaths caused over the next 7 years by arsonist Peter Dinsdale/25 -Erskine Hamilton Childers is elected the 4th President of Ireland\ 27 – Coup d'état in Uruguay: pressed by the military, President Juan María Bordaberry dissolves Parliament; a 12-year-long civic-military dictatorship begins\ 28 – Elections are held for the Northern Ireland Assembly, which will lead to power-sharing between unionists and nationalists in Northern Ireland for the first time/30 – A very long total solar eclipse occurs. During the entire 2nd millennium, only 7 total solar eclipses exceeded 7 minutes of totality...

Dinsdale is the westernmost suburb of Hamilton in New Zealand.. Originally called Frankton West..Low Dinsdale is a village and civil parish in the borough of Darlington and the ceremonial county of County Durham, England. It is situated a few miles to the south-east of Darlington.."Low" was added to distinguish the village from the neighbouring village of Over Dinsdale, on the opposite bank of the River Tees in North Yorkshire..Dinsdale railway station serves the village of Middleton St George in the borough of Darlington and the ceremonial county of County Durham, England..Duke of Hamilton is a title in the Peerage of Scotland, created in 1643..The name is Old English and means either "nook of land belonging to a man named Dyttin" or ..
"nook of land belonging to Deighton"... can't forget being rejected by his mother and father at the age of 11..How do you know you're God?. Simple.. When I pray to Him, I find I am talking to myself...
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