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Arrow War & Peace

Sable, 3 buck's heads cabossed argent ..

Sleepy Hollow - Hessian Horseman Mein herz brennt...
1984 SatUrnDay December 1 – The United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration intentionally crashes a Boeing 720 as part of its Controlled Impact Demonstration Program at Edwards Air Force Base, California..

Sunday 2- An undercover British soldier, believed to be a member of the Special Air Service (SAS), and 2 members of the Irish Republican Army (IRA) were killed in an exchange of gun fire near Kesh, County Fermanagh..

Tuesday 4 - Douglas Hurd, then Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, told the Northern Ireland Assembly that Unionists would have move their political position in order to find an accommodation with Nationalists...

Thursday 6- Two members of the Irish Republican Army (IRA) were shot dead by undercover British soldiers in the grounds of Gransha Hospital, Derry..

Sunday 9 – An Iraqi Air Force strike hits the empty 163,000-gross-ton Bahamian-registered oil tanker B. T. Investor in the Persian Gulf with an Exocet anti-ship missile while she is on her way to Kharg Island..

Tueday 11 — Band Aid's "Do They Know It's Christmas?" goes to the top of the UK Singles Chart...

The Headless Horseman Pursuing Ichabod Crane, painting by John Quidor (1858)..

Friday 14 -First Soldier Convicted of Murder Ian Thain, a Private in the British Army, was convicted of murdering a civilian..He was the first British soldier to be convicted of murder during the course of the conflict.. Thain was released in January 87 and allowed to rejoin his regiment and resume active service..

Saturday 15 – An Iraqi Air Force strike hits the empty Greek oil tanker Ninemia with 2 missiles in the Persian Gulf while she is heading toward Kharg Island.

Tuesday 18 -The court cases against 35 people from Derry, involving 180 charges, were dropped. [The case revolved around the evidence of an Irish Republican Army (IRA) 'supergrass' informer Raymond Gilmour.. Most of those released had been held in prison for over two years..

Sunday 23 -Tomás Ó Fiaich, then Catholic Primate of Ireland, said that Catholics in Northern Ireland felt an 'unprecedented level' of alienation.

Moonday 24 - The Court of Appeal in Belfast quashed the convictions of 14 men who had been sentenced on the evidence of an Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF) 'supergrass' informer Joseph Bennett..

Thorsday 28 – A Soviet cruise missile plunges into Inarinjärvi lake in Finnish Lapland...

Sunday 31 -Rick Allen, drummer of Def Leppard, loses his left arm in a car accident on the A57 road at Snake Pass..In turn, the pub's name and sign was derived from the serpent on the Cavendish arms of the Duke of Devonshire...

The most prominent Scottish tale of the headless horseman concerns a man named Ewen decapitated in a clan battle at Glen Cainnir on the Isle of Mull.. The battle denied him any chance to be a chieftain, and both he and his horse are headless in accounts of his haunting of the area..Malayalam is a language spoken in India, predominantly in the state of Kerala.. It is one of the 22 scheduled languages of India.. A village girl comes to city for work and stays in a hostel.. One day as she is back from work, she enters her room to finds ghost of a black cat falling on her in the darkness transferring her into a modern city girl called Lisa..14-year-old Lisa Holland lives with her mother Katherine , a successful florist, in Venice Beach, California..Princess Lisa in War and Peace by Tolstoy..The given name Lisa can be a short form of Elizabeth or Elisabeth..

In late 91, the body of Maria Requena was found by 2 youngsters who had been fishing at Pennington Flash close to Slag Lane, Lowton.. The body of the 26-year-old from Manchester had been cut up with power tools, stuffed into 5 bin bags (one containing Maria's severed head) and thrown into the Flash...'s why they won't use nukes anymore; and we won't either,not on our own soil.. The whole damn thing's pretty conventional now.. Who knows?. Maybe next week will be swords..

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