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Arrow Saxon

"747 (Strangers in the Night)" is about a power cut that forced planes in New York to remain in ascent in 65 with the power outage provoking a Scandinavian flight to detour to Kennedy airport in the dark..Recorded Ramport Studios, London, February Released 5 May 80...

February - An Aeroflot Ilyushin Il-18 flies 30,000 km (18,630 miles) from Moscow in the Soviet Union to the Molodyozhnaya Station observatory in East Antarctica/2 – Abscam: FBI personnel target members of the Congress of the United States in a sting operation\14– Thatcher announces that state benefit to strikers will be halved/15 – In Vanuatu, followers of John Frum's cargo cult on the island of Tanna declare secession as the nation of Tafea\16 – A total solar eclipse is seen in North Africa and West Asia/17– British Steel announces that more than 11,000 jobs will be axed at its plants in Wales by the end of next month\21 – Australia experiences its first fatal airline accident since 68..All 13 people on board die/22-Miracle on Ice\23 - France performs nuclear test at Muruora Island/27 - M-19 guerrillas begin the Dominican embassy siege in Colombia, holding 60 people hostage, including 14 ambassadors - Iran recognizes the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR)– A China Airlines Boeing 707 originating from Taipei crash-lands in Manila, the Philippines, and is destroyed by fire\28 - US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site/29 - Michael Bracey ends 59 h 55 m trapped in an elevator, England-Sarah... don't leave me like this -What about you Holly, got a man?..

JFK Terminal 5 ...

May 1 – A United States Marine Corps AV-8A Harrier crashes spectacularly at Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point in North Carolina- "Day in Hollywood, A Night..." opens at John Golden NYC for 588 perf- 15th Academy of Country Music Awards: Barbara Mandrell wins/2 - US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site\7 – Paul Geidel, convicted of second-degree murder in 1911, is released from prison in Beacon, New York, after 68 years and 245 days (the longest-ever time served by an inmate)/8 - Sabres take only 15 shots, Islanders 22, in a playoff game\9 - In Florida, the Liberian freighter Summit Venture hits the Sunshine Skyway Bridge over Tampa Bay. A 1,400-foot section of the bridge collapses and 35 people (most in a bus) are killed-The Norco shootout takes place in California-James Alexander George Smith "Jags" McCartney the Turks and Caicos Islands’ first Chief Minister, is killed in a plane crash over New Jersey/11 – Mobster Henry Hill (born on June 11) is arrested for coke possession\18 - Rruption of Mount St. Helens kills 57 and causes US$3 billion in damage-Ian Curtis, singer/songwriter of acclaimed post punk band Joy Division, is found hanged/20- 710 families in Love Canal area (Niagara Falls NY) are evacuated- Fire in nursing home in Kingston Jamaica, kills 157\24- Iran rejects a call to World Court to release US hostages/26 -John Frum supporters in Vanuatu storm government offices on the island of Tanna. Vanuatu government troops land the next day and drive them away -In South Korea, military government forces and pro-democracy protesters clash; 2,000 protesters die-Vernon Jordan is shot and critically injured in an assassination attempt in Fort Wayne, Indiana by Joseph Paul Franklin (the first major news story for CNN)\30- 1st papal visit to France since 1814- Turner's painting "Juliet & Her Nurse" sells for $6.4 million/31 - "Love Stinks" by J Geils Band peaks at #38 - Police & youthful rebels battle in Zurich..There's no breeze!.. It could be any one of these tunnels! Take your pick!.. Jedi must have the deepest commitment, the most serious mind.. This one a long time have I watched..You must unlearn what you have learned...

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