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Lightbulb Abie's Irish Rose

Abie's Irish Rose is a popular comedy by Anne Nichols familiar from stage productions, films and radio programs.. The basic premise involves an Irish Catholic girl and a young Jewish man who marry despite the objections of their families..Although initially receiving poor reviews, the Broadway play was a commercial hit, running for 2,327 performances between May 23, 1922 and October 1, 1927..

Meanwhile the girl's father, also a widower, who lives in California, and is as intense in his own religious antagonism as the Jew, has been called to New York, supposing that his daughter is to marry an Irishman and a Catholic.. Accompanied by a priest, he arrives at the house at the moment when the marriage is being celebrated, but too late to prevent it, and the two fathers, each infuriated by the proposed union of his child to a heretic, fall into unseemly and grotesque antics.. The priest and the rabbi become friendly, exchange trite sentiments about religion, and agree that the match is good.. me with your I's..I am..Harder..Excuse me, sir! Can you direct us to the naval base in Alameda?. It's where they keep the nuclear wessels...
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