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Arrow Reaction

"Chain Reaction" is a melodic R&B song, sung by Diana Ross, and written by the Bee Gees, who also provided the backing vocals for the single.. The track was released on the album Eaten Alive in 85 and again in 86..The new version re-entered the chart and performed better, but with the diminished momentum, it stalled at #66 in Billboard and #77 in Cash Box.. Nearly thirty years later, the infectious song stands as Ross's last appearance on both 100-position charts..Released 28 November 85 (US) / 13 February 86 (UK)...

February- Heavy snow and sub zero temperatures affected most of Britain/2- Dalai Lama meets Pope John Paul II in India\3 – Pixar Animation Studios is opened- US President Reagan announces formation of Comm on Challenger Accident- The POpe and MOther Teresa meet in Calcutta/4- Israeli fighters intercept Libyan passenger airliner\6– The government scraps plans to sell Austin Rover to Ford/7 – President Jean-Claude Duvalier ("Baby Doc") flees Haiti, ending 28 years of family rule\9 – Halley's Comet reaches its perihelion,the closest point to the Sun, during its second visit to the solar system in the 20th Century (the first visit was in 1910) - Tomb of Tutanchamon's treasurer Maya found in Egypt- West German team swims world record 4x200 m freestyle/10 - "John Lennon: Live in NYC"\11 – Human rights activist Anatoly Shcharansky is released by the Soviet Union and leaves the country/12 – The Franco-British Channel Fixed Link Treaty is signed at Canterbury as the Channel Tunnel plans move forward\15 – Beechcraft Starship makes its maiden flight – In the Wapping dispute, fifty-eight people are arrested by police at a demonstration/16 -The Soviet liner Mikhail Lermontov sinks in the Marlborough Sounds, New Zealand-French Air Force raids the Libyan Ouadi Doum airbase in northern Chad- "Uptown... It's Hot!" closes at Lunt-Fontanne NYC after 24 perfs- French air force bombs Ouadi Doum airport in Chad\17 – The UK signs the Single European Act..without asking the POpele- Libyan bombers attack N'djamena Airport in Chad/19 -Soviet Union launches the Mir space station-United States Senate approves a treaty outlawing genocide\21- AIDS patient Ryan White returns to classes at Western Middle School/24- Texas Air buys Eastern Airlines for $676 million- Voyager 2, 1st Uranus flyby\25 -President Ferdinand Marcos of the Philippines goes into exile in Hawaii after 20 years of rule; Corazon Aquino becomes the first Filipino woman president, first as an interim president. Salvador Laurel becomes her Vice President - Egyptian military police, protesting against bad salaries, enter 4 luxury hotels near the pyramids, set fire to them and loot them- Iran conquerors Iraq peninsula Fao - 28th Grammy Awards: We Are the World, Sade, Phil Collins wins/26 – People Power Revolution in the Philippines\ 28 – Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme is assassinated on his way home from the cinema..A nuclear chain reaction occurs when one single nuclear reaction causes an average of one or more subsequent nuclear reactions, thus leading to the possibility of a self-propagating series of these reactions...'re good at bullshitting.. You can even say "Of course"..You should get out of the business..Your brother has no idea what you're doing...
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