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Lightbulb Ynys Môn

Anglesey or Ynys Môn is an island off the north west coast of Wales.. Two bridges span the Menai Strait, connecting it to the mainland: the Menai Suspension Bridge designed by Thomas Telford in 1826 and the Britannia Bridge. Formerly part of Gwynedd, Anglesey, Holy Island and other smaller islands now make up the Isle of Anglesey County..Almost three quarters of the inhabitants are Welsh speakers and Ynys Môn, the Welsh name for the island, is used for the UK Parliament and National Assembly constituencies.. With an area of 714 square kilometres (276 sq mi), Anglesey is the largest Welsh island, the 5th largest surrounding Great Britain(the largest outside of Scotland) and the largest in the Irish Sea.."Anglesey" is derived from Old Norse, originally meaning ǫngullsey ("Hook Island") or Ǫnglisey ("Ǫngli's Island").. No record of any such Ǫngli survives, but the place name was used by Viking raiders as early as the 10th century and was later adopted by the Normans during their invasions of Gwynedd...

Ynys Môn, the island's Welsh name, was first recorded as Latin Mona by various Roman sources.. It was likewise known to the Saxons as Monez..The Brittonic original was in the past taken to have meant "Island of the Cow"..This view is linguistically untenable however according to modern scientific philology and so the etymology must remain a mystery..Poetic names for Anglesey include the Old Welsh Ynys Dywyll ("Shady" or "Dark Isle") for its former groves and Ynys y Cedairn ("Isle of the Brave") for its royal courts; Gerald of Wales's Môn Mam Cymru ("Môn, Mother of Wales") for its productivity; and Y fêl Ynys ("Honey Isle")..The Welsh Triads claim that Anglesey was once part of the mainland..After the Irish, the island was invaded by Vikings,some of these raids being noted in famous sagas, as well as Saxons, and Normans, before falling to Edward I of England in the 13th century...

Major industries are restricted to Holyhead(Caergybi) which, until 30 September , supported an aluminium smelter,and the Amlwch area, once a major copper mining town. Nearby is the Wylfa nuclear power station and a former bromine extraction plant.. With one reactor decommissioned in 2012 and the other expected to end production in 2015, the site is a strong possibility for a replacement reactor, planned by Horizon, a subsidiary of Hitachi, to start production in the 2020s..The island is also on one of the major routes from Britain to Ireland, via ferries from Holyhead, off the west of Anglesey on Holy Island, to Dún Laoghaire and Dublin Port..The RAF airstrip at Mona is a nesting site for skylarks..Much of Anglesey is covered with relatively intensive cattle and sheep farming aided by modern agro-chemicals..Anglesey is home to two of the UK's small number of remaining colonies of red squirrels, at Pentraeth and Newborough..Employment on Anglesey is mainly based on agriculture and tourism and in some cases a combination of both...Anglesey/Ynys Môn is a member island of the International Island Games Association..Anglesey has featured in the Channel 4 archaeological TV programme Time Team (series 14) - episode transmission date 4 February 2007..The geology of Anglesey is notably complex and is frequently used for geology field trips by schools and colleges..The Llanddwyn Island Lighthouse marks the western entrance to the Menai Strait..., Captain.. Have you seen my daughter, Teri, the Countess’ chambermaid?. She’s disappeared.. I’m so worried…Well, how should I know where she is?. Try the whorehouse...

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