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Lightbulb State of Blood

Seduced by Amin's charisma and blinded by decadence, Garrigan's dream life becomes a waking nightmare of betrayal and madness from which there is no EScape...
Uganda, officially the Republic of Uganda, is a landlocked country in East Africa.. It is bordered to the east by Kenya, to the north by South Sudan, to the west by the Democratic Republic of the Congo, to the southwest by Rwanda, and to the south by Tanzania..The people of Uganda were hunter-gatherers until 1,700 to 2,300 years ago, when Bantu-speaking populations migrated to the southern parts of the country..Arab traders moved inland from the Indian Ocean coast of East Africa in the 1830s. They were followed in the 1860s by British explorers searching for the source of the Nile. Protestant missionaries entered the country in 1877, followed by Catholic missionaries in 1879, a situation which gave rise to the death of the Uganda Martyrs. The United Kingdom placed the area under the charter of the British East Africa Company in 1888, and ruled it as a protectorate from 1894..In 1972, with the so-called "Africanization" of Uganda, 580,000 Asian Indians with British passports left Uganda.. Approximately 7000 were invited to settle in Canada; however only a limited number accepted the offer, and the 2006 census reported 3300 people of Ugandan origin in Canada.. Given the variety of skills and professional background they brought with them, coupled with their initiative and enterprising attitudes, most Ugandans have made steady socioeconomic progress in Canada.. They have settled primarily in Ontario (Toronto), BC and Qu├ębec.. During the Bush War the army carried out mass killings of non-combatants..There are around 20,000 white residents in Uganda, mostly from the United Kingdom..many Indians returned to Uganda after Amin's fall from power and the population is now between 15,000 and 25,000..According to the census of 2002, Christians made up about 84% of Uganda's population.. The northern and West Nile regions are predominantly Catholic, while the Iganga District in eastern Uganda has the highest percentage of Muslims..

Reproduction The Human League..

The parliament is formed by the National Assembly, which has 332 members.. 104 of these members are nominated by interest groups, including women and the army. The remaining members are elected for 5-year terms during general elections..Uganda was ranked 130th out of 176 nations on the Corruption Perceptions Index..The Petroleum Bill – passed by Ugandan Parliament in 2012 – which was touted by the NRM as bringing transparency to the oil sector has, failed to please domestic and international political commentators and economists..Uganda is divided into districts, spread across four administrative regions: Northern, Eastern, Central (Kingdom of Buganda) and Western..Parallel with the state administration, 5 traditional Bantu kingdoms have remained, enjoying some degrees of mainly cultural autonomy.. The kingdoms are Toro, Busoga, Bunyoro, Buganda and Rwenzururu..In Uganda, the Uganda People's Defence Force serves as the military.. The number of military personnel in Uganda is estimated at 45,000 soldiers on active duty..There are many areas which continue to attract concern when it comes to human rights in Uganda..The number of internally displaced persons is estimated at 1.4 million.. Torture continues to be a widespread practice amongst security organisations..Child labour is common in Uganda. Many child workers are active in agriculture.. Children who work on tobacco farms in Uganda are exposed to health hazards.. Child domestic servants in Uganda risk sexual abuse.. Trafficking of children occurs..Slavery and forced labour are prohibited by the Ugandan constitution..Torture and extrajudicial killings have been a pervasive problem in Uganda in recent years..As of January 2014, homosexuality is illegal in Uganda and carries a minimum sentence of two years in prison and a maximum of life.. Sodomy laws from the British colonial era are still on the books, and there is a strong social bias against homosexuality.. Gays and lesbians face discrimination and harassment at the hands of the media, police, teachers, and other groups..The Roman Catholic Church has the largest number of adherents..The Red Pepper, published a list...

The Bank of Uganda is the Central bank of Uganda and handles monetary policy along with the printing of the Ugandan shilling..Uganda's economy generates income from annual exports that include coffee ($466.6 million), tea ($72.1 million), fish ($136.2 million), and other products..Uganda has substantial natural resources, including fertile soils, regular rainfall, and sizeable mineral deposits of copper and cobalt..The country has largely untapped reserves of both crude oil and natural gas.. While agriculture accounted for 56% of the economy in 1986, with coffee as its main export, it has now been surpassed by the services sector, which accounted for 52% of GDP..In 2000, Uganda was included in the Heavily Indebted Poor Countries (HIPC) debt relief initiative worth $1.3 billion and Paris Club debt relief worth $145 million..Uganda traditionally depends on Kenya for access to the Indian Ocean port of Mombasa..Uganda has a large diaspora, residing mainly in the United States and the United Kingdom.. This diaspora has contributed enormously to Uganda's economic growth through remittances and other investments (especially property)...Uganda is one of the poorest nations in the world, with 37.7% of the population living on less than $1.25 a day, poverty remains deep-rooted in the country's rural areas, which are home to more than 85 per cent of Ugandans..People in rural areas of Uganda depend on farming as the main source of income..To supplement their income, rural women may engage in small-scale entrepreneurial activities such as rearing and selling local breeds of animals.. Other girls engage in sex work, accounting for about 57 per cent of all adults living with HIV..Matatus (minivan taxis) are used for medium and long distance travel..There are se7en telecommunications companies serving over 17 million subscribers in a population of 32 million.. More than 95% of internet connections are made using mobile phones..Boda bodas (motorcycle taxis) are used for short distance travel. These 100cc Indian road bikes carry just about anything anywhere within 10 or 15 kilometers for just a few thousand Ugandan shillings..Indian nationals are the most significant immigrant population; members of this community are primarily Ismaili (Shi'a Muslim followers of the Aga Khan) or Hindu..

In the 80s, the majority of energy in Uganda came from charcoal and wood.. However, oil was found in the Lake Albert area, totalling an estimated 95,000,000 m3 barrels of crude..Heritage Oil discovered one of the largest crude oil finds in Uganda, and continues operations there.. Although some primary education is compulsory under law, in many rural communities this is not observed as many families feel they cannot afford costs such as uniforms and equipment..Most major Schools were formerly built and run by Church Organisations, including the Church of Uganda and the Catholic Church on land owned as such...Uganda has both private and public universities. The largest university in Uganda is Makerere University, located outside of Kampala.. Milton Obote, former President of Uganda, was an alumnus..Life expectancy at birth is estimated to be 53.45 years in 2012.. The infant mortality rate is approximately 61 deaths per 1,000 children in 2012. There were 8 physicians per 100,000 persons in the early 2000s..In July 2012, there was Ebola outbreak in the Kibaale District of the country.. On 4 October 2012, the Ministry of Health officially declared the end of the Ebola outbreak that killed at least 16 people..It was announced by the Health Ministry on 16 August 2013, that 3 people died in northern Uganda from a suspected outbreak of Congo Crimean Hemorrhagic Fever (CCHF)..Uganda's population has grown from 4.8 million people in 1950 to 33.5 million in 2010(777).. The current estimated population of Uganda is 35 million.. Uganda has a very young population; With a median age of 15 years, it is the lowest median age in the world.. Uganda has the 5th highest total fertility rate in the world, at 5.97 children born/woman ..he country is home to over 30 different ethnic groups and tribes and they form the basis of all indigenous music..Ugandan cuisine consists of traditional cooking with English, Arab, and Asian (especially Indian) influences..Chapati, an Asian flatbread, is also part of Ugandan cuisine..The local film industry is currently polarised between two types of filmmakers..Waragi is also given different names, depending on region of origin, the distillation process, or both.. Waragi is known as a form of homemade Gin... oath is... erm... it's, it's a doktor's oath of confidentiallity; we all take it..It's got nothing to do With Uganda..Of all the Gin joints, in all the towns, in all the world, she walks into're getting on that plane with Viktor where you belong..But, Richard, no, I... I...

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