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Arrow 5th Marines

Tumebledown 88 Part 2...

Mount Tumbledown, Mount William, and Sapper Hill lie west of Stanley..They were held by BIM-5, a reinforced, cold weather trained and equipped, marine battalion.. During preparations for movement to the Falklands, the Marine battalion was brought up to full strength of a light brigade with a company of the amphibious engineer company and a battery of the 1st Marine Artillery Regiment.. The 5th Marines were further strengthened by 3 Tigercat SAM batteries of the 1st Marine Anti-Aircraft Regiment, deployed along Stanley harbor, and a heavy machine-gun company of HQ Battalion..The BIM-5 positions around Port Stanley were bombarded, both from the sea by naval gunfire and from the air by the Royal Air Force Harriers.. At 4.30 p.m.(=7), on 7 June 1982 (=27), a British Harrier bombing positions held by the 5th Marine Battalion was hit by concentrated fire from M Company (under Marine Sub-Lieutenant Rodolfo Cionchi) on Sapper Hill...

12 JUne proved to be the toughest day for the Argentine Marines. From the moment the 2nd Battalion Scots Guards had finally been moved to Goat Ridge by helicopter, 1,500 rounds of artillery, descended upon the Marines, in preparation for the coming infantry assault. At the same time 3 PARA on Mount Longdon came under heavy and accurate fire that killed 4 Paras and one REME craftsman and wounded se7en Paratroopers in the shelling that was directed by Sub-Lieutenant Marcelo de Marco of the 5th Marines on Tumbledown Mountain..On 13 June a diversionary action was fought to the northeast in order to raid the Cortley Ridge fuel dump. The 101st Anti-Aircraft Artillery Group's B Battery (B/GADA101) was assigned to defend the Fresinet Peninsula, a long, narrow piece of land running from Moody Brook to form the northern arm of Stanley, when their troops came under attack at 11 p.m.. The incursion was carried out by the SAS and SBS in 4 rigid raiders...

Two Argentine pla-toons (Second Lieutenant La Madrid and Marine Sub-Lieutenant Miño) on the eastern of Tumbledown counter-attacked but were outmanoeuvred by the Scots Guards.. During this action Miño was wounded but refused medical assistance until all the wounded men received medical attention.. At 7 a.m., the Commanding Officer of the 5th Marines reported his command post near Moody Brook had come under enemy fire from Wireless Ridge.. By dawn the approach of the Gurkhas, advancing to secure Mount William was detected..The 6th Regiment's B Coy (B/RI6) also successfully withdrew with its portable weapons to set up new defensive positions around Sapper Hill.. Five of the Marine platoon positions now fell to the British. Lt.-Col. Morgan's 1st Battalion of the 7th Gurkhas took Mount William unopposed and his men were bitterly disappointed..Generals Mario Benjamin Menendez (the commander of the Argentine garrison) and Oscar Jofre (commander of the 10th Brigade, responsible for the defence of Stanley), following a quick conference, agreed that to continue resistance would entail senseless loss of life.. By 1 p.m., the 5th Marines had initiated their withdrawal, after destroying their vehicles and heavy equipment...

3 Argentine Marines ( Conscripts Roberto Leyes, Eleodoro Monzon and Sergio Robledo) were killed covering the last withdrawal.. Two Royal Marine Commandos were shot in the action (two more, including Lt. Allum had earlier on trod on mines) and a Volvo BV-202 tracked vehicle was disabled when it ran over an anti-tank mine planted in the Sapper Hill sector.. "We ran over a mine.. I went up through the roof and the vehicle went up and was turned right round by the explosion," recalled Major Brian Armitage..

Marine Commander Robacio, commanding the Marine battalion, spoke to British journalists after the war and said:

At about se7en o'clock I received the order to withdraw prior to a surrender.. Our military code states that for an Argentine military unit to surrender it must have spent all its ammunition or lost at least 2-turds of its men.. It was awful to have to ask the units which were still fighting to withdraw..Upon darth, every muscle in the human body will cease to receive energy in the form of ATP.. As a result, the bowels will relax and a bowel movement can occur..Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is a nucleoside triphosphate used in cells as a coenzyme, often called the "molecular UNit of currency" of intracellular energy transfer... time it tell yourself it's love..But it isn't..It's blood..And death..Back there I could drive a tanker, back here I can't even hold a book of job...

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