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Arrow Crags of Tumbledown Mountain

Tumbledown 88 Part 3...
The Battle of Mount Tumbledown was an engagement in the Falklands War, one of a series of battles that took place during the British advance towards StanLey..On the night of 13 June – 14 June 1982, the British launched an assault on Mount Tumbledown, one of the highest points near the town of Port Stanley, the capital and succeeded in driving Argentinian forces from the mountain. This close-quarters night battle was later dramatized in the BBC TV Drama Tumbledown..The attacking British forces consisted of the 2nd Battalion, Scots Guards (2SG), mortar detachments from 42 Commando, Royal Marines and the 1st Battalion, 7th Duke of Edinburgh's Own Gurkha Rifles, (1/7 GR) as well as support from a troop of the Blues and Royals equipped with 2 Scorpion and 2 Scimitar armoured vehicles...On the morning of 13 June, the Scots Guards were moved by Hellicopter from their position at Bluff Cove to an assembly area near Goat Ridge, west of Mount Tumbledown..

A daytime assault was initially planned, but was postponed at the British battalion commander's request..In a meeting with his company commanders the consensus was that the long uphill assault across the harsh ground of Tumbledown would be suicidal in daylight..At 8:30 p.m. on 13 June the diversionary attack began. The 2nd Bn Scots Guards' Reconnaissance Platoon, commanded by Major Richard Bethell (a former SAS officer), and supported by 4 light tanks of the Blues and Royals, clashed with an Argentinian marine company in a delay position on the lower slopes of Mount William. On Mount William's southern slopes, one of the tanks was taken out of action by a booby trap..At 9 p.m., half an hour after the start of the diversionary attack, Major Iain Dalzel-Job's G Company started its advance of nearly two miles.. Reaching its objective undetected, the company found the western end of the mountain undefended and occupied it easily, but later came under heavy shellfire that wounded Major Dalzel-Job in the head..Meanwhile, two Royal Navy frigates, HMS Yarmouth and Active, were pounding Tumbledown with their 4.5 inch guns. At one stage Lieutenant Colonel Michael Scott, (Commanding Officer of 2 SG), thought the battalion might have to withdraw and attack again the next night, The old nails were being bitten a bit, if we had been held on Tumbledown it might have encouraged them to keep on fighting..The fighting was hard going for Left Frank... The Argentinians had well dug-in machine guns and snipers.. At 2:30 a.m., however, a second British assault overwhelmed the men of Miño, Silva and Mosteirin but the bulk of Vazquez's platoon would continue fighting till about 7:00 am.. The British troops swarmed over the mountaintop and killed or wounded Silva's men, at times fighting with fixed bayonets..Major Kiszely, who was to become a senior general after the war, was the first man into the Argentine position, personally shooting two Argentinian conscripts and bayoneting a third, his bayonet breaking in two.. Seeing their company commander among the Argentinians inspired 14 and 15 Platoons to make the final dash across open ground to get within bayoneting distance of the remaining marines..Major Simon Price sent 2 and 3 Platoons forward, preceded by a barrage of 66 mm rockets to clear the Argentine reinforcements. Major Price placed 1 Platoon high up in the rocks to provide fire support for the assault troops..Lieutenant Robert Lawrence led 3 Platoon around to the right of the Argentinian platoons, hoping to take the Argentinians by surprise. They were detected, however, and the British were briefly pinned down by gunfire before a bayonet charge overwhelmed the Argentinian defenders..

The Falklands!. Two small islands to the north-east of Tierra del Fuega, two specks floating in the sea, like tiny scales dislodged from the great curl of the scorpion's tail that is South America.. With a coastline as long as Norway's circumscribing a land mass no bigger than Wales, the Falklands are subject to relentless winds and the hazards of wind-chill factor that accompany them..The cocking handle of my XM203 snapped forward, chambering the first 5.56mm round. I applied the safety-catch.. My fingers checked the smooth metallic cases of the 40mm bombs located in the pockets and the bandoliers criss-crossing my chest.. Cradling the loaded rifle in the crook of my left arm, I stood motionless in the growing Darkness... just don't turn it off!. It wasn't my war!. You asked me, I didn't ask you!.. It's our task to placate the ancient ones, as it's yours to be offered up to them..Everything was done within the guidelines...

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