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Exclamation Britain Living within its means

Mr. and Mrs. Smith (2005) - French...

But not the foookin bankers and politicains who have got us in this mess in the first foookin place with their wars etc and 5 homes Vaz etc etc etc does this BS ever stop...
Prime Minister David Cameron has urged voters in the forthcoming general election not to pass on a "legacy of debt" to their children...

At the very time tax revenues are declining and a debt crisis is ravaging the global economy, our politicians have chosen to go on an unprecedented spending splurge. To fund it, the Government borrowed a monumental £170.8 billion last year. If all goes well, we're set to borrow another £167.9 billion this year...
Tell me Mr camergoon who the fook are we borrowing all this money from..Hmm let me Guess !...
Currently just over 35% of our national debt is owed to foreign governments and investors...
Would that be china I wonder shaking hands at number foookin 10...
Originally Posted by heptah View Post
This Mr Pope Francis was doing a fairly good job at conning everyone with his too Christian to be a good Pope masquerade, which has seen him wash the feet of 'plebs', feed the poor, renounce (at least publicly) certain luxuries etc etc. Why, he even nearly had my good mate J fooled, an an otherwise staunch anti authoritarian who I consider to be extremely well informed with regard to the state of the game. And then he goes and does something stupid like this and gets his picture taken with miss shameless self promoter, I've got the devil in my eyes Jolie. Surely now everyone on the planet now knows he's duping us, right? Right? Somebody? Anybody? Oh that's right she let's Mr Pitt shag her and he is cute and famous and rich (and so is she btw) so she must be good. No doubt then that the combination of miss Jolie and mr Pope will see god's work finally done on earth. Sorry. My. Mistake.
Yeah Mr and Mrs smith rings a bell...

Merkel and Cameron given extraordinary joint terror briefing by Britain's intelligence chiefs following 'barbaric' Paris gun attack..France attacks: World leaders link arms to march in Paris...

Speaking of arms...

So when Thomas Hamilton /Michael Ryan/ Éric Borel /Derrick Bird/Michael Stone etc etc ,and all the other rampagers went on a rampage did all the governments around the world stop the arms industry,people forget Governments with their phoney wars and BS are the biggest terrorists ...they do not govern they dictate and terrorize continually, just look at IDS with all his cutbacks targeting the poor....

All all these foookers do is make everyones life a misery espeCIAally the worst off in society so fook your big society ....

Major arms industry corporations by nation...


Dassault Aviation
Thales Group
GIAT Industries


BAE Systems
Cobham plc


Yonca Onuk
Golcuk Naval Shipyard
İstanbul Navy Shipyard
Rmk Marine

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