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Arrow Boom Boom Eddie

Amelie • Boum • Charles Trenet

When our heart goes "Boum!"
Everything says "Boum!" with it,
And it is love
Which wakes up...

In that episode, the song is presented with a chorus of artillery and machine guns in the sequence on military life at the Maginot Line during the Phoney War.. Additionally, it was featured in the Jack Nicholson comedy Something's Gotta Give as well as Toto the Hero..Also it has been used by Renault in their latest string of advertising.. In 94 the song was covered by Belgian singer Maurane.."Boum" featured in the Movie A Good Year with Russell Crowe and Marion Cotillard - it was sung in open air by Adrian Chevalier with a black and white screen backdrop...

January 12 – The German War Minister Field Marshal Werner von Blomberg marries Eva Gruhn in Berlin; Hermann Göring is best man at the wedding\20 – King Farouk of Egypt marries Queen Farida Zulficar in Cairo/22 – Thornton Wilder's play Our Town is performed for the first time anywhere in Princeton, New Jersey. It premieres in New York City on February 3 - Paul Osborn's "On Borrowed Time," premieres in NYC\February 4-Alf Hearted abolishes the War Ministry and creates the Oberkommando der Wehrmacht , giving him direct control of the German military.Walt Disney's Snow White and the Se7en Dwarfs, the first cel-animated feature in motion picture history, is released in the United States following a premiere the previous year/6 – Black Sunday at Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia: 300 swimmers are dragged out to sea in 3 freak waves;80 lifesavers save all but 5\March 3 -The Santa Ana River in California spills over its banks during a rainy winter, killing 58 people in Orange County and causing trouble as far inland as Palm Springs-Oil is discovered in Saudi Arabia/April 18 – First appearance of Superman.. The date Action Comics #1 was published (June Cover) according to court documents released during the legal battle over the rights to Superman\May 10 – An underground explosion at Markham Colliery, near Staveley, Derbyshire, kills 79/21 – Matsuo Toi kills 30 people in a village in Okayama, Japan, in the Tsuyama massacre, the world's worst spree killing by an individual until 82\June 1 – The Bren light machine gun comes into service with the British Army/2 – The children's zoo at London Zoo is opened by Robert and Ted Kennedy, two of the sons of United States ambassador Joseph P. Kennedy\June 11 – Fire destroys 212 buildings in Ludza, Latvia-Kitty Bright returns his fraternity ring as she leaves the room, telling him to call her when he learns how to swing- Earthquake in Belgium/24 – A 450-metric-ton (496-short-ton) meteorite explodes about 12 miles (19 km) above the earth near Chicora, Pennsylvania\25 – Dr. Douglas Hyde is elected the first President of Ireland/July – The Mauthausen concentration camp is built in Austria\9 – Gas masks are issued to the civilian population/14 – Howard Hughes sets a new record by completing a 91 hour airplane flight around the world\24 – First ascent of the Eiger north face - Instant coffee invented/28 -A revolt against the Ioannis Metaxas dictatorship is put down in Chania, Greece - Hawaii Clipper disappears with six passengers and 9 crew en route from Guam to Manila\August 6 – The Looney Tunes animated short Porky & Daffy is released/10 - 119°F (48°C), Pendleton, Oregon (state record)\21 - Italy bars all Jewish teachers in Public & High School/26 - British leaders & Arabians fight in Palestine..Hitler manipulated the bipolar system to keep ultimate decisions in his own hands... father always taught me, never desert a lady in trouble.. He even carried that as far as marrying Mother..I'm about as popular as a dose of strychnine....

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