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"RoxAnne" is a song by the rock band The Police.. Written by Sting, the song was released in 78 as a single and on their album Outlandos d'Amour.. It was written from the point of view of a man who falls in love with a prostitute.. On re-release in 79, the song peaked at number 12 on the UK Singles Chart..Police lead singer Sting wrote the song, inspired by the prostitutes he saw near the band's seedy hotel while in Paris, France in October 77 to perform at the Nashville Club.. The title of the song comes from the name of the character in the play Cyrano de Bergerac, an old poster of which was hanging in the hotel foyer.. I thought, 'He likes this song This is fantastic!..and peaked at number 32 in April..Recorded January 78...

January 4 – A referendum in Chile supports the policies of dictator Augusto Pinochet/5 – Bülent Ecevit, of CHP forms the new government of Turkey\10 – Pedro Joaquín Chamorro Cardenal, a critic of the Nicaraguan government, is assassinated/14 – 15 – The body of former U.S. Vice President Hubert Humphrey (Born in Wallace, South Dakota) lies in state in the Capitol Rotunda, following his death from cancer-He helped run his father's pharmacy until 37 when he returned to academia, graduating with his masters from Louisiana State University in 40, where he was a political science instructor -Soviet satellite Kosmos 954 burns up in Earth's atmosphere, scattering debris over Canada's Northwest Territories -Rose Dugdale and Eddie Gallagher become the first convicted prisoners to marry in prison in the history of the Republic of Ireland-A problem of a lesser scale occurred with an American nuclear-powered satellite.. In November 79, SNAP-10A began shedding, eventually losing 50 pieces of traceable debris-"one of those pornographic affairs which cost about what 60 old-age pensioners receive in 6 months"- Sex Pistols' final concert (Winterland, SF)\16 – The firefighters strike ends after 3 months when fire crews accept an offer of a 10% pay rise and reduced working hours/18 – The European Court of Human Rights finds the British government guilty of mistreating prisoners in Northern Ireland, but not guilty of torture\19 – Federal Appeals Court Judge William H. Webster is appointed FBI Director- The last Volkswagen Beetle made in Germany leaves VW's plant in Emden- Eddie Mathews elected to Hall of Fame/22 – Ethiopia declares the ambassador of West Germany persona non grata\28 – Richard Chase, the "Vampire of Sacramento", is arrested- "Fantasy Island" starring Ricardo Montalban premieres on ABC TV- Ranger's Don Murdoch failed on 4th penalty shot against Islanders - Ted Nugent autographs a fan's arm with his knife/29 - Joanne Carner wins Colgate Triple Crown Match-Play Golf Championship- Sweden outlaws aerosol sprays due to their harmful effect on the ozone layer, becoming the first nation to enact such a ban\30– Opposition leader Margaret Thatcher says that many Britons fear being "swamped by people with a different culture"/31 – 18-year-old prostitute Helen Rytka is murdered in Huddersfield; she is believed to be the 8th victim of the Yorkshire Ripper- "Elvis: The Legend Lives!" opens at Palace Theater NYC for 101 perfs- Israel turns 3 milt outposts in West Bank into civilian settlements.... can't watch the news anymore!I can't even watch a movie! All I hear is that damn kid and his damn radio going "Breaker, Breaker, Breaker"!...
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