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Arrow Chaos in the Cavern


Ultimate Force Intro Sequence..

Daily star headlines ...Killers are a pair of dope smoking rappers..Daily Mail we cant stop terror atacks...
Do people with mental impairments write the newspapers...
MI5 chief seeks new powers after Paris magazine attack..Most dissident republican attacks in Northern Ireland last year were foiled, according to the head of MI5..He said that more than 600 British jihadis were known to have travelled to fight in Syria — at least 100 more than previously thought..MI5 handed £100m anti-terror fund to track British lone-wolf jihadists going off to fight in Iraq and Syria ...
Would that be £100m of taxpayers money.. Hmm let me guess..

Hey I know what lets fill the UK up with Muslim's,espeCIAlly extremist ones like you have been doing for years on end, then we can have another enemy..then we can keep the order out of your fear..

No wonder british people cannot find a decent home in a decent area to live in..the country is stuffed..I wonder why...

Intellectual disability (ID), also called intellectual development disorder (IDD) and formerly known as mental retardation (MR),is a neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by impaired intellectual and adaptive functioning which is defined by an IQ score below 70 as well as a delay in general daily living skills. Other common symptoms include speech delays and lack of social functioning. Down syndrome and Fragile X syndrome often overlap with ID...

I wonder how many from the intelligence community post on this forum you know to slide information out of the way...
The Mindless Movie follows 6 women who, having entered an unmapped cave system, become trapped and are hunted by flesh-eating humanoids..The cast included Sarah,Juno, Beth, Rebecca, Sam, Holly, Paul, and Jessica...Release dates 6 July 2005 (Dead by Dawn)..8 July 2005 (UK, Ireland)...'m an English teacher, not a foooking Tomb Raider.. Holly was right!. Boreham Caverns was a tourist trap!.What happened to you?..Mummy?..What do you mean you don't know?..
Man you couldn't make this shiite up..Remember still only 5p...

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