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Lightbulb Y Wladfa Gymreig

Y Wladfa ('The Colony'), or more fully ('The Welsh Colony'), also historically and occasionally Y Wladychfa and Y Wladychfa Gymreig, is a Welsh settlement in Argentina, which began in 1865 and occurred mainly along the coast of Chubut Province in the far southern region of Patagonia..In the 19th and early 20th century the Argentine government encouraged immigration from Europe to populate the country outside the Buenos Aires region; between 1856 and 1875 thirty-four settlements of immigrants of various nationalities were established in Santa Fe and Entre Ríos.. In addition to the main colony in Chubut, a smaller colony was set up in Santa Fe by 44 Welsh people who left Chubut, and another group settled at Coronel Suárez in southern Buenos Aires Province.. In the early 21st century around 50,000 Patagonians were of Welsh descent..The idea of a Welsh colony in South America was put forward by Professor Michael D. Jones, a Welsh nationalist non-conformist preacher based in Bala who had called for a new "little Wales beyond Wales".. He spent some years in the United States, where he observed that Welsh immigrants assimilated very quickly compared with other peoples and often lost much of their Welsh identity.. He proposed setting up a Welsh-speaking colony away from the influence of the English language.. He recruited settlers and provided financing; Australia, New Zealand and even Palestine were considered, but Patagonia was chosen for its isolation and the Argentines' offer of 100 square miles (260 km²) of land along the Chubut River in exchange for settling the still-unconquered land of Patagonia for Argentina...

The Hobbit The Battle of The 5 Armies Clips..

The permanent European settlement of the Chubut Valley and surrounding areas began on July 28, 1865 when 153 Welsh settlers arrived aboard the converted tea-clipper Mimosa.. The Mimosa had cost £2,500 to hire for the voyage and convert to passenger use, and the fare from Liverpool to Patagonia was £12 for adults and £6 for children, although anyone willing to travel was taken on the journey regardless of ability to pay.. The Mimosa settlers, including tailors, cobblers, carpenters, brickmakers, and miners, comprised 56 married adults, 33 single or widowed men, 12 single women (usually sisters or servants of married emigrants), and 52 children.. There were few farmers, which was rather unfortunate particularly when they discovered that the attractions of the area had been oversold and they had landed in an arid semi-desert with little food; they had been told that the area was like lowland Wales.. At the coast there was little drinking water, and the group embarked on a walk across the parched plain with a single wheelbarrow to carry their belongings.. Some died and a baby, Mary Humphries, was born on the march.. John Williams was the only colonist with any form of rudimentary medical skill..

In time the colony proved remarkably successful, although as immigration to the area after 1914 was mainly from Italy and other southern European countries, the Welsh gradually became a minority..However, the Co-operative Society collapsed in the Great Depression of the 1930s, and many lost their savings..Things began to change when a large number of Welsh people visited Patagonia in 1965 for celebrations to mark the 100th anniversary of the colony..Since then there has been a great increase in the number of visitors from Wales..The first of a two-Test tour to Argentina by the Wales national rugby union team was played in Puerto Madryn, a 27–25 win for Argentina..The Welsh have left their mark on the landscape, with windmills and chapels across the province, including the distinctive wood and corrugated zinc Capel Salem and Trelew's Salon San David, an attempt to reproduce St David's Cathedral, Pembrokeshire.. Many settlements along the valley bear Welsh names..

Trelew was the scene of a massacre in 1972.. A breakout of political prisoners at the federal penitentiary resulted in the death of one guard and the attempted flight of about 100 individuals who opposed the military dictatorship which followed the overthrow of President Arturo Illia.. A small group of prisoners succeeded in commandeering a plane and flying to safety in Chile..Trevelin (Welsh: Trefelin) is a town in the Patagonian Argentine province of Chubut..The town, in the Valley of the 16th of October ( Cwm Hyfryd/Bro Hydref), is near the Percy River (es), which flows south into the Río Grande, crosses the frontier with Chile, and thereafter is known as the Río Futaleufú...

Nefyn is a small town and community on the north west coast of the Llŷn Peninsula in Gwynedd, Wales..The history of the area can be traced back to 300BC with the Iron Age hillfort of Garn Boduan overlooking Nefyn..Gerald of Wales writing in his account of a journey around Wales in 1188 states he slept at Nefyn on the eve of Palm Sunday..Longshanks held a jousting tournament in 1284.. During World War II, the Royal Air Force built a Chain Home radar station to the south-west of Nefyn..A tremor in the area on 12 December 1940 was reported by the Cambrian News as having caused two fatalities including John Thomas of Nefyn who died of a heart attack..On 19 July 1984 an earthquake measuring 5.4 on the Richter scale had an epicentre near Nefyn.. This is one of the strongest tremors recorded in the UK for recent times but caused little structural damage..It is twinned with Puerto Madryn, a town in Chubut Province in Argentina is protected by the Golfo Nuevo, which is formed by the Península Valdés and the Punta Ninfas. It is an important centre for tourists visiting the
natural attractions of the Península Valdés and the coast... work hard, I'm saving my francs..Watch what I do when I joust with the shanks..With this knife, do I draw out the blood, which is thy life...

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