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Chubut (Provincia del Chubut, Welsh: Talaith Chubut) is a province in southern Argentina, situated between the 42nd parallel south (the border with Río Negro Province), the 46th parallel south (bordering Santa Cruz Province), the Andes range to the west, and the Atlantic ocean to the east. The province's name derives from the Tehuelche word chupat, meaning "transparent," their description of the Chubut River..The largest city is Comodoro Rivadavia in the south of the province; it has 180,000 inhabitants, . The administrative capital is Rawson (40,000).. Other important cities are Puerto Madryn, Trelew, Esquel and Sarmiento. Gaiman is a cultural and demographic centre of the region known as "Y Wladfa" in which Welsh-Argentines are concentrated.. Of the 25,000 Welsh speakers in Argentina, 5,000 live in the Chubut region, particularly in the original Welsh settlements of Trelew and Trevelin...

Argentine Geological Society founder Dr. Victorio Angelelli (2nd from right), ca. 1950, whose study of Chubut's mineral wealth identified resources for economic development...

Before the Spaniards arrived in the Americas, nomadic indigenous peoples had inhabited the Patagonia region for thousands of years.. They lived as hunter-gatherers and covered territory in seasonal cycles as they followed game..In the 17th and 18th centuries, Spanish missionaries came to the area, and founded the San José Fort on Península Valdés. The indigenous people later destroyed it..In 1865, Welsh people came to Chubut in the Mimosa ship and settled in the Chubut Valley area. The region was disputed between Chile and Argentina until 1881.. Chile renounced its claim in order to prevent Argentina from entering into the War of the Pacific, in which it was already fighting against Peru and Bolivia..Chubut's economy, for a long time one of the most prosperous in Argentina, is one of the country's least diversified.. Nearly one-quarter of its 2006 output, estimated at US$4.7 billion, is generated by mining and petroleum..Chubut stretches from the Atlantic to the Andes: the coast is marked by high cliffs and sandy beaches.. The centre consists of several plateaus and depressions.. The Andes are not very high in Chubut, with most peaks between 1,500 and 2,000 metres (4,900 and 6,600 ft)..Altitudes over 1,000 m have constant winter snow cover, and over 2,000 m, the snow remains until midsummer.. Higher peaks are heavily glaciated..The province is divided into 15 departments..Other faiths are active in Chubut, principally amongst the Welsh chapels as well as Lutheran and Muslim places of worship in Comodoro..The Ruta Nacional 25 crosses Chubut from East to West, connecting Trelew and Esquel, but half of it has not yet been paved..Route 22, north from Perito Moreno (Santa Cruz province) 125 km... you believe that you are a part of God's pan?.That's a complicated question..You will also remember, Simon, what I said to you about the Angel of Death once being summoned...

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