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The Fifth Child is a short novel by the British writer Doris Lessing, first published in the United Kingdom in 88, and since translated into a number of languages.. The book describes the changes in the happy life of a married couple, Harriet and David Lovatt, which occur as a consequence of the Birth Of Ben, their 5th child.. A sequel, Ben, in the World (2000) further develops Ben's life after he has left his family...

Gangs of New York - Bill Killed Sheriff ...

Wild Bill stayed in the neighborhood and continued drinking, spending most of Halloween with an old friend named Joseph Flynn.. Later that night, both Flynn and Lovett staggered into the rear of an abandoned store at 25 Bridge Street to sleep off their drunks.. Flynn later told police he awoke in the middle of night and went home while Lovett was still asleep.. Police later determined that sometime between 2 and 3 that morning, two men entered the rear of the store to attack Lovett. As one beat him about the head with a blunt instrument, the other shot Wild Bill 3 times in the head and neck.. Lovett's dead body was found several hours later. He was buried in Cypress Hills Cemetery with full military honors"..While it has long been said that Wild Bill Lovett was surprised in a speakeasy and killed by gangsters working for Frankie Yale (Willie "Two-Knife" Altierri), the police investigation indicated that Lovett was most probably killed by fellow Irish gangsters for one reason or another, just as his old adversary Dinny Meehan had been... day, you have a different plan.. First it's love, then the axe, and now you have to dye.. What good could that do?..

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