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Arrow Operation Noble

Teresa de Simone was murdered in Southam.

Pton, England, in 1979.. Her murder led to one of the longest proven cases of a miscarriage of justice in British legal history..
Sean Hodgson grew up surrounded by a large family, and had been placed in a borstal aged 11.. He was, nevertheless, described by one schoolmate as a "normal teenager", whose arrest shocked his home community..On 11 December 80 Hodgson asked to see a priest, Father Frank Moran..He repeated the confession to a prison officer..On 25 December, Hodgson wrote a further confession, claiming to have killed a man in Covent Garden, London, and on 27 December confessed that he had "also murdered a homosexual in a flat in North London at the end of '78 or '79".. Investigations showed that the confessions were false and neither of the crimes had actually happened...

The pathologist arrived at the scene at 11:45.. His report of the crime scene described "the deceased lying on her back, with her leg bent at the thigh and knee, with the knee resting against the back of the seat, and the left thigh running along the edge of the seat with the leg hanging over the edge.. The time of death was placed at between 01:00 and 02:00 5 December..The investigation was headed by Detective Superintendent John Porter of Southampton Criminal Investigation Department (C.I.D.) In the 12 months after the murder, police "interviewed 30,000 people, took 2,500 statements and traced 500 people who were in the area on the night of the murder.. During the course of the 15-day trial, Hodgson chose not to give evidence or submit to cross examination..

As a result of the appeal, police received 400 tip-offs and were able to eliminate 1,500 suspects from their enquiries..A similar appeal had been made in the hunt for the M25 rapist and had proved successful.. Police received more than 100 calls from members of the public..Paul Stewart Hutchinson, father of Jean-Paul and then aged 50, was arrested and charged with the murder in April 2009. Hutchinson entered a plea of not guilty on 5 October...

On 25 January 2010, Hutchinson was jailed for life with a minimum of 25 years at Nottingham Crown Court for the murder of Colette Aram. Colette's mother Jacqui Kirkby said Hutchinson's sentencing brought some relief, but the family next needed to know why Colette was killed - a question Hutchinson refused to answer..On 11 October 2010, Hutchinson was found unconscious in his cell at Nottingham Prison. He died in an ambulance on the way to hospital..It is believed he took an overdose of medication but a post mortem examination was inconclusive..

He (Downing) received compensation of £750,000 because he was not informed he was under arrest nor that he had the right to a solicitor.. He received the money in 2 payments – an interim payment of £250,000 followed by a final payment of £500,000..The Crown also agreed with the defence argument that more recent knowledge of blood-splattering patterns meant the prosecution's claim that the blood could only have been found on the clothes of the attacker was questionable..

Following the Court of Appeal overturning Stephen Downing's conviction, the Derbyshire Police reinvestigated the murder under the name Operation Noble.. During 2002, they interviewed 1,600 witnesses, at an estimated cost of £500,000 – though Downing himself refused to be reinterviewed..In January 2014 a former detective investigating 16 unsolved murders and possible links to the Yorkshire Ripper obtained a pathology report and claimed this was buried' by the police in 73 within few days of the attack on Wendy Sewell that would have completely contradicted the so-called confession, exonerated Downing and prevented a miscarriage of justice..10 Downing Street in London, England, has for over 300 years housed the official residences of 2 of the most senior British Cabinet ministers...

Hodgson is Britain’s longest serving inmate known to be innocent.. He may be eligible for up to £1 million in compensation, although this could increase if a plan to sue the FSS goes ahead. A fund was opened and an interim compensation payment of £250,000 paid into it after 2 MPs intervened to cut through administrative "red tape".. The fund is protected by law to shield Hodgson from "gold diggers".. As a result of his imprisonment Hodgson suffers from schizophrenia and depression and, whilst imprisoned, his identity was stolen making it difficult to access insurance and housing..Who, in their right mind Kevin, could possibly deny the twentieth century was entirely mine..

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