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Originally Posted by lightgiver View Post
Posted: August 31, 2008 ..The Freak Incident happened about 7:15 a.m..From Kucheski's angle, six hours later, all she could see was the underbelly of the smashed red car as its length filled the grand entrance to what has served as home for Solomon's Lodge, a Freemasons organization, since 1972..Updated: September 1, 2008 - 5:45am...

Savannah's historic district has 22 squares..It is Georgia's 5th-largest city and 3rd-largest metropolitan area..The cotton industry in Lancashire was served by the Manchester Royal Exchange which traded in spun yarn and finished goods throughout the world including Africa while the Liverpool Cotton Exchange traded in imported raw cotton. In the 18th century the trade was part of the slave trade in which African slaves were transported to America where the cotton was grown and then exported to Liverpool where the raw cotton was sold..The exchange was seriously damaged during World War II when it took a direct hit from a bomb during a German air raid in the Manchester Blitz at Christmas in 1940..The building was damaged on 15 June 1996 when an IRA bomb exploded in Corporation Street less than 50 yards away..

2008 August 26 – September 1 – Hurricane Gustav makes landfall on Louisiana as Category 2 and kills 7 in the United States, after making landfall on western Cuba as Category 4, and killing 66 in Haiti, 8 in the Dominican Republic, and 11 in Jamaica.
August 28 – September 7 – Hurricane Hanna kills 7 in the United States, and 529 in Haiti, mostly due to deluges and mudslides...
September 1 – September 14 – Hurricane Ike makes landfall on Texas as Category 2 and kills 27 in the United States, after killing four in Cuba, 1 in the Dominican Republic, and 75 in Haiti..,_Georgia,_Manchester

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