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Sex Pistols - EMI ..Never Mind the Ballocks...
Emi Suzuki (鈴木 えみ Suzuki Emi, born September 13, 1985), also called Emichee (えみちぃ), is a Chinese-born Japanese model and retired occasional actress.. She debuted in 2005 with Se7enteen and remains a prominent figure in the fashion and modelling industry..An only child, Emi Suzuki was born in Shanghai, China.. Her birth name was Ziliang Wu (吴子靚).. At the age of 12, she emigrated to Kyoto and became a naturalized Japanese citizen. She changed her name to "Emi Suzuki" (鈴木依美) in preparation for her entrance into a public junior high school in Kyoto.. Suzuki became fluent in Japanese within a year..Suzuki began modeling after it was suggested to her by a classmate..Shortly thereafter, her popularity rose when she made appearances at ready-to-wear open collections for several clothing lines..In 2002, Suzuki began appearing in designer brands' private collections maintaining strict requirements regarding the body fat percentage (BFP) standard..She terminated her contract with Se7enteen in 2006.. Suzuki became a frequent model with Pinky..Suzuki has been cast in several TV series..Her role in Yukan Club was as a girl named "Karen".. "Karen" would become her best known role.. Suzuki had a large appetite.. She is noted for her extremely fast metabolism..Little is known about Suzuki's personal life. She is famous for being very vague..She became best friends with Nana Eikura in 2003..Suzuki married a fashion company employee in February 2013.. She gave birth to their daughter on October 7, 2013..

84 - December 1 – The United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration intentionally crashes a Boeing 720 as part of its Controlled Impact Demonstration Program at Edwards Air Force Base, California/31 — Rick Allen, drummer of Def Leppard, loses his left arm in a car accident on the A57 road at Snake Pass – During 84, Iraq has conducted 35 air attacks against shipping in the Persian Gulf, all using air-to-surface missiles, while Iran has conducted 18 air attacks against Persian Gulf shipping..

85 - September 11 -The riOTing in Handsworth ended, with the final casualty toll standing at 35 injuries and 2 deaths.. A further 2 people are unaccounted for\13 -Super Mario Bros.. is released for the Nintendo Entertainment System..Steve resigns from Apple Computer in order to found NeXT..., tapping at your window..Ghostly voices whisper will you come and play..Not for all the tea In China..Or the corn in Carolina..Never, never ever..They're running after you babe for the sun, little one you're an outlaw once again..Time to Change, superman He'll be with us while He can In the land of make believe...

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