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You shall have money let me see...5-5-then in gold 6-shall we say 16 pounds Joseph, here some more brandy..
The year is 1831 in Edinburgh.. A mother stands in mourning over her son's grave. A medical student, Donald Fettes, reassures her that her son's body is secure in its final resting place..Mrs. Marsh visits the house of Dr MacFarlane..The doctor claims that experimenting on human specimens is utterly necessary for the progress of medical science and Organ Transplant into wealthy clients..MacFarlane and Fettes go to the local inn to meet with John Gray, who taunts MacFarlane...

MacFarlane later tries to renege on his promise to perform the surgery, claiming that he lacks an adequate spinal specimen to use for practice.. Fettes remedies this by asking Gray to get another human specimen for the doctor.. While visiting Gray, Fettes gives a coin to a blind street singer. He is shocked when Gray (Gary) arrives later at the lab with a corpse that resembles the singer..Joseph visits Gray and blackmails him, demanding money for his silence about the body snatching operation. Gray tells Joseph the story of Burke and Hare, two infamous murderers who were hanged for procuring bodies for Dr Knox, MacFarlane's mentor and predecessor.. When Gray is finished telling his tale, he lunges and strangles Joseph. Later he delivers the body to MacFarlane's lab as a "gift"..

Robert Knox, FRSE FRCSE MWS (4 September 1791 – 20 December 1862) was a Scottish anatomist, zoologist, ethnologist and doctor. He was the most popular lecturer in anatomy in Britain, where he introduced the theory of transcendental anatomy, but is now best known for his involvement in the Burke and Hare murders..The killings were attributed to Irish immigrants William Burke and William Hare, who sold the corpses of their 16 Victims to Doctor Robert Knox as dissection material for his well-attended anatomy lectures... is through error that man tries and rises. It is through tragedy he learns.. All the roads of learning begin in darkness and go out into the light.. Hippocrates of Cos...

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