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Originally Posted by ksigmason View Post
The truth doesn't change simply because you disagree with it.

Posting facts about Masonry doesn't mean I think this is a Masonic forum. I'm just pointing facts for what they are, facts. Whether you like it or not matters very little to me.

I had a little when I first got home, but I knew what to expect and how to cope...that and good friends to help. Now I'm fine.
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The Good The Bad and The Ugly, Johnny & Billy ..Jachin & Boaz....

So why is a noose placed around the neck of the applicant?

“Yes, there is a noose, but it is depicting the umbilical cord, so when you are born the umbilical cord is cut. The initiate doesn’t have to do anything at all. It’s done beautifully. There are no surprises for the chap coming in, no tests. The beauty is that you feel you belong.”

“They are allegorical plays,” explains Mr Brown. “You come into life with absolutely nothing, and that is what the initiation is about. The 2nd play is about living a good life and the 3rd is about preparing for the end of your life.”

But there is something quasi-religious about Freemasonry. One only has to stand in the temple inside the wonderful, Art Deco Freemasons’ Hall to feel its force. The symbolism is all around, silent and somehow intimidating. Above all, there is that all-seeing eye on the ceiling, beaming down on the white-gloved, aproned brethren...

The length of the umbilical cord is approximately equal to the crown-rump length of the fetus throughout pregnancy.. The umbilical cord in a full term neonate is usually about 50 centimeters (20 in) long and about 2 centimeters (0.75 in) in diameter... was all settled right here in this office. Remember? Danny and Me signed a contract, and you witnessed it. You stood over there. I stood there, and Daniel stood here...
Thing is you see,you post nothing about freemasonry..End of...
Originally Posted by ksigmason View Post
And you'll tolerate me...
Originally Posted by ksigmason View Post
You should stop thinking then.

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