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Arrow All Road Lead To Rome

The Dubliners ~ Molly Malone...


The distance between insanity and genius is measured only by success...

Whoever controlls the media contolls the mind..Remember that...
Molly Rome has a noticeable chipped front tooth, which makes her easy to spot from all the other young adult actresses..In Dublin's fair city,Where the girls are so pretty, I first set my eyes on sweet Molly Malone..She was a fishmonger,but sure 'twas no wonder..The song tells the fictional tale of a fishmonger who plied her trade on the streets of Dublin, but who died young, of a fever..The actor who was feared to be infected was re-tested and found not to be HIV positive..The $14billion-a-year industry also faces a testing crisis..Molly or Mollie is both a given name and a pet-name for Mary or Margaret..Molly Moon is an intelligent 11-year-old orphan with pink blotchy legs, curly brown hair, a steady droning voice, large, hypnotic, green eyes and a "potato nose".. She likes eating ketchup sandwiches and drinking orange squash concentrate..Throughout the series, Molly learns to hypnotize, stop time, time travel, mind read, and morph..It's amazing, Molly.. The love inside, you take it with you.. I know you don't think I'm giving this 4 million dollars to a bunch of nuns!..Yes. Four-million dollars. And, um, how would you like that, Mrs. Miller? ..I also believe that the events in Millers Court were part of something very different..The photograph warrants close inspection, for it is a treasure trove of information about what actually happened in Room 13 Millers Court... this is show business..Yeah, I do that when I'm broke too.Why don't you go haunt a house?. Rattle some chains or something..They're going to kill you,Karl.. You and Willie!. You're going to be fertilizer.. They're gonna bury you right next to Jimmy.. I'm Henry the 8th I am.. Henry the 8th I am I am...
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