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Arrow Hum & Rattle

U2-Helter Skelter ...
Mantras may be interpreted by practitioners in many ways, or even as mere sequences of sound whose effects lie beyond strict meaning..Rattle and Hum is the 6th studio album by rock band U2, and a companion rockumentary film directed by Phil Joanou..While critical reception was mixed, the album was a commercial success, reaching the number one spot in several countries and selling 14 million copies..The death rattle is a strong indication that someone is near death..Hum purifies aggression and hatred (hell realm)...Released 10 October 88...

October – Vauxhall launches the 3rd generation of its popular Cavalier family saloon/2 - Tyler wrecks furniture in his Bernardsville NJ Mansion\5 -Thousands riot in Algiers, Algeria against the National Liberation Front government; by October 10 the army has killed and tortured about 500 people in crushing the riots- Israel bans Meir Kahane's Kach Party on grounds of racism/3 - Lebanese kidnappers release Mithileshwar Singh (held for 30 months)\ 7 – War of the Worlds premieres in syndication/8- Fire in Seattle's Space Needle causes evacuation, $2,000 damage - Jay Howell ejected in NLCS game 3 for having pine tar on his glove\9 – Labour MP and Shadow Chancellor John Smith, 50, is hospitalised with a heart attack in Edinburgh/10- 22nd Country Music Association Award: Highway 101, K T Oslin win\12 -Two Victoria Police officers are gunned down, execution style, in Australia-The Birchandra Manu massacre occurs in Tripura, India- Bush & Michael meet in 2nd debate- Israel & China sign trade deal, plan diplomatic relations/13- Shroud of Turin, revered by many Christians as Christ's burial cloth, is shown by carbon-dating tests to be a fake from the Middle Ages- US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site\14 - Crude oil prices jump in anticipation of possible production accord at Gulf Cooperation Council meeting set for October 16- NJ Devils raise their 1st pennant (Patrick Div Playoff Champs)/16- "Smile Jamaica" concert for Hurricane Gilbert victims held in London\18 – Jaguar unveils its new Jaguar XJ220 superreincar at the MOTor Show, costing £350,000 and being the world's fastest production car with a top speed of 220 mph - USSR performs nuclear test\19– The UK bans broadcast interviews with IRA members.. BBC gets around this stricture through the use of professional actors– Indian Airlines Flight 113, a Boeing 737-2A8, strikes trees and a high-tension pylon while on approach in fog to Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, and crashes, killing 130 of the 135 people on board and leaving all 5 survivors injured- Car bomb kills 7 Israelis, wounds 11 near Lebanon border- 3 Americans win Nobel in physics; 3 W Germans win chemistry Nobel-Roxette Look Sharp/20- Man armed with explosives blows himself up in 125 St subway station (NYC)\22- Supreme Ct Justice Sandra Day O'Connor OK after breast cancer surgery/24- Typhoon Ruby sinks Philippine ferry; hundreds drown\25- France performs nuclear test at Muruora Island/26 - Trump bills Mike Tyson $2,000,000 for 4 month advisory service\27 - "ET" released to home video (14 million presold) – Ronald Reagan decides to tear down the new U.S. Embassy in Moscow because of Soviet listening devices in the building structure– 3 IRA supporters are found guilty of conspiracy to murder in connection with a plot to kill Secretary of State for Northern Ireland Tom King/28 – Abortion: 48 hours after announcing it was abandoning RU-486, French manufacturer Roussel Uclaf states that it will resume distribution of the drug – British Rail announces a 21% rise in the cost of long distance season tickets\29- China announces a herbal male contraceptive/30 -Philip Morris buys Kraft Foods for US$13.1 billion-Expo '88 in Brisbane, Australia draws to a close- NY Jets finally beat Pittsburgh Steelers for 1st time- Beth Daniel wins Nichirei Ladies Cup US-Japan Team Golf Championship\31 - Journalists demand greater press freedom in Yugoslavia - 1st Monday Night NFL game in Indianapolis, Colts beat Denver 55-23..The New Chronology also contains a reconstruction, an alternative chronology, radically shorter than the conventional chronology, because all ancient history is "folded" onto the Middle Ages (Fomenko)..., you obviously don't know anything about intelligence work, lady.. It's an X-K-Red-27 Technique..You hear this, you son of a bitch! I'm gonna get you for this!..I'm gonna get you and I'm gonna get Eddie, no matter what!.Yes.. He said Aunt Maggie was a real bitch, and got what she deserved.. Hidey Ho...

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