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Lightbulb Leaving on a Jet Plane

Allegheny Airlines Flight 853, a McDonnell Douglas DC-9-31, collided in mid-air with a Piper PA-28 at approximately 3,550 feet on September 9, 1969, near Fairland, Indiana.. The DC-9 carried 78 passengers and 4 crew members.. The Piper was leased to a student pilot making a solo cross-country flight.. The occupants of both aircraft were killed in the accident and the aircraft were destroyed by the collision and ground impact..Elrod was a seasoned veteran, with more than 23,800 flight hours under his belt..8 witnesses saw the aircraft collide.. They reported broken to scattered cloud cover in the area, but both aircraft were below the clouds and could be seen clearly at the time of the collision.. The passengers and crew were dismembered by the forces of impact, with no intact bodies found (although the PA-28 pilot's body was intact) Despite all this, there was no fire or explosion because impact speeds were so great that the DC-9's fuel load dispersed quickly and did not ignite...

"Leaving on a Jet Plane" is a song written by John Denver in 66 and most famously recorded by Peter, Paul and Mary.. The original title of the song was "Babe, I Hate to Go" but Denver's then producer Milt Okun convinced him to change the title..Released October 1969..

September 11 – The housing charity Shelter released a report claiming that there are up to 3 million people in need of rehousing due to poor living conditions/12 – Philippine Airlines Flight 158, a BAC One-11, strikes a mango tree in Kula-ike in Antipolo City while on approach to Manila International Airport in Manila, the Philippines.. It crashes, killing 45 of the 47 people on board and injuring both survivors\22 – September 25 – An Islamic conference in Rabat, Morocco, following the al-Aqsa Mosque fire (August 21), condemns the Israeli claim of ownership of Jerusalem/23 -China carries out an underground nuclear bomb test..

October 2 – A 1.2 megaton thermonuclear device is tested at Amchitka Island, Alaska.. This test is code-named Project Milrow, the 11th test of the Operation Mandrel 69–70 underground nuclear test series.. This test is known as a "calibration shot" to test if the island is fit for larger underground nuclear detonations/ 16 – The "miracle" New York Mets win the World Series, beating the heavily favored Baltimore Orioles 4 games to 1.– Peter Nichols' black comedy The National Health was premiered by the National Theatre at the Old Vic in London\20 – Finnair introduces an inertial navigation system on its aircraft, becoming the first airline to dispense with the need for a navigator aboard...

November – Ken Loach's film Kes was released at the London Film Festival/15 -The Soviet submarine K-19 collides with the American submarine USS Gato in the Barents Sea\19 – Mohawk Airlines Flight 411, a Fairchild Hiller FH-227B, crashes into Pilot Knob Mountain near the Town of Fort Ann in Washington County, New York, killing all 14 people on board-Apollo 12 astronauts Charles Conrad and Alan Bean land at Oceanus Procellarum ("Ocean of Storms"), becoming the 3rd and 4th humans to walk on the Moon..

December 2 – The Boeing 747 jumbo jet makes its first passenger flight.. It carries 191 people, most of them reporters and photographers, from Seattle, to New York City/ 9 – An Egyptian Air Force MiG-21 (NATO reporting name "Fishbed") shoots down an Israeli Air Force F-4 Phantom II for the first time\11 – A North Korean agent hijacks a Korean Air Lines NAMC YS-11 with 50 other people on board and forces it to fly to Sǒndǒk Airfield near Wonsan, North Korea.. North Korea returns 39 of the passengers to South Korea 66 days later, but never returns the crew of 4 or the other se7en passengers, which is viewed in South Korea as an example of North Korean abductions of South Koreans/ 22 – An explosion in the lavatory of an Air Vietnam flight damages the braking system in mid-flight. When the aircraft lands near Nha Trang, South Vietnam, it goes off the end of the runway and strikes a school, killing 32 people and injuring many more\ 26 – A fire at the Rose and Crown Hotel, Saffron Walden, killed 11... you ever done it in an elevator?. I work for the CIA, and the Director asked me at the last Minute to come with him to Russia with him to do a nuclear arms inspection.. Hello?..Just a Moment please..I'm sorry, the number's been changed to an Unlisted number...

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