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Lightbulb AlleGory

"Brown Girl in the Ring" is a traditional children's song in the West Indies.. It was originally featured in the game of the same name, thought to have originated in Jamaica.. The song became internationally known when it was recorded by the group Boney M..The song had previously been recorded by the group Malcolm's Locks, leading to a dispute over royalties..A-side "Rivers of Babylon"Released 3 April 78...

There's a brown girl in the ring..

I remember one Saturday night ..We had fried fish and Johnny-cakes-Great for using as a water balloon..Women frequently complain about a fishy vaginal smell.."This evening, Carla, I will penetrate your ringpiece"...

Show me your motion..Come on show me your motion...

The resulting faeces (poo or bowel motions) are temporarily stored in the rectum before being expelled from the body via the anus.. The medical names for the expulsion of faeces include defecation and egestion...

As a literary device, an allegory in its most general sense is an extended metaphor.. Allegory has been used widely throughout the histories of all forms of art, largely because it readily illustrates complex ideas and concepts in ways that are comprehensible to its viewers, readers, or listeners..

Mozart - "Leck mich im Arsch" - Canon in B flat for 6 Voices, K. 231..

1 - New Zealand National Airways Corporation (the domestic airline of New Zealand) is merged with New Zealand's international airline, Air New Zealand - Dick Smith of Dick Smith Foods tows a fake iceberg to Sydney Harbour -The Philippine College of Commerce, through a presidential decree, is converted to the Polytechnic University of the Philippines.
2 - Dallas (5 week mini-series) debuted on CBS and gave birth to the modern day primetime soap opera- 7th Colgate Dinah Shore Golf Championship won by Sandra Post..
3 – The 50th Academy Awards are held at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion in Los Angeles with Annie Hall winning Best Picture– Permanent radio broadcasts of proceedings in the House of Commons begin- European market & China signs trade agreement- Larry King moves his radio show from Miami to Washington DC..
7 – U.S. President Jimmy Carter decides to postpone production of the neutron bomb – a weapon which kills people with radiation but leaves buildings relatively intact..‘Are these not the actions of a coward?’- Guttenberg bible sold for $2,000,000 in NYC.. the way of life as a stream..A man floats, and his way is smooth.. The same man turning upstream exhausts himself.. To be one with the universe, each must find his true path and follow it...

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