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Lightbulb Knowledge

Rattus Norvegicus..Describes the destruction of Toulouse predicted by Nostradamus...

Originally Posted by ritchs View Post
Amazing the knowledge that came from the ancients like the Greeks.

Archimedes of Syracuse stated he could move the earth if he had a lever..
Ah yes but were did they get their knowledge from...everyone gets knowledge from someone else...

What kinda bugs me is when they use use it against others who are less well Educated/Fortunate etc...

The gap between university graduates and less well-educated people is no longer only economic.. It is becoming geographic, as those with degrees migrate to cities with high housing prices and living standards, while those without drift to more affordable but less desirable smaller cities and the countryside..
"Give me a place to stand, and I shall move the Earth with it"...Little Lever is a large village within the Metropolitan Borough of Bolton in Greater Manchester, England.. Historically in Lancashire, it is 2.4 miles (3.9 km) southeast of Bolton, 1.9 miles (3.1 km) west of Radcliffe and 4 miles (6.4 km) west-southwest of Bury..Ever wonder why the earth is tilted 23. 5 degree's.. got back inside and blew the generator.. In six hours, it'll be a hundred below in here..Well, that's suicide!.Not for that Thing..It wants to freeze now.. It's got no way outta here...

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