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Arrow Dancing on Broken Glass

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There still at it zeitgeist stylee..Brown Girl In The Ring..Eagle & Child..Quick someone get a bandage to mop up the blood before someone passes out..I wonder if Occult Groups use blood in rituals..You guys gonna listen to Garry?. You gonna let him give the orders?. I mean,he could BEE one of those THINGS!.. Now I'll show you what I already know...
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Handfasting is a historical term for "betrothal" or "wedding". In the Early Modern history of Scotland (16th and 17th centuries), especially in the Hebrides, the term could also refer to a temporary marriage. The term has come to be used as a replacement for "marriage" in the vocabulary of Neopaganism, especially in Wicca..The verb to handfast in the sense of "to formally promise, to make a contract" is recorded for Late Old English, especially in the context of a contract of marriage...

The term was presumably loaned into English from Old Norse handfesta "to strike a bargain by joining hands"; there are also comparanda from the North Sea Germanic sphere, Old Frisian hondfestinge and Middle Low German hantvestinge. The term is derived from the verb to handfast, used in Middle to Early Modern English for the making of a contract..The marriage vows taken may be for "a year and a day," "a lifetime", "for all of eternity" or "for as long as love shall last"...

Windows found some shredded long johns, but the nametag was missing... feel the universe functioning perfectly but I'm still perfectly locked out myself. Instead of lochness, I feel Jim, will you stop this shit! Will you get sane!..Winner to the King, $500 Patri-cia,Queenie..Hi..Yes, but there's just something about him. Something around the Eyes, I don't know, reminds me of...

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