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Papal Orders of Knighthood or Pontifical Orders of Knighthood are awarded in the name of the Pope, by his authority as Head of the Catholic Church and as the head of state of the Holy See..Of the Papal Orders the highest, and most infrequently awarded, is the Supreme Order of Christ...Tracing its origins to the dissolution of the Knights Templar, the Military Order of Our Lord Jesus Christ was established in 1319 in the Kingdom of Portugal.. Its founding was confirmed by the papal bull Ad ea ex quibus on 15 March 1319, given by Pope John XXII..During a reorganization of the Papal Orders in 1905, Pope Pius X made the Supreme Order of Christ the most senior Papal honor.. On 15 April 1966, in the papal bull Equestres Ordinis, Pope Paul VI limited the award to Roman Catholic heads of state in commemoration of significant events where the Pope himself was in attendance..The 2nd-highest Papal Order is the Order of the Golden Spur, also known as the Order of the Golden Militia..The 3rd-highest Papal Order is the Order of Pius IX, founded 17 June 1847 by Pope Pius IX.. The Order of Pius IX is the highest Papal Order currently awarded.. There previously existed an Order of Pian knights, founded in the 16th century, which later fell into abeyance..The 4th Papal Order is the Equestrian Order of St. Gregory the Great. Pope Gregory XVI established the order on 1 September 1831 by the papal brief Quod Summis.. It is awarded in 4 classes, with military and civil divisions...

In addition to the Papal Orders of Knighthood given by the Pope as temporal sovereign and font of honours (similar to the orders given by other heads of state), there are several military religious orders which have existed since the time of the Crusades.. The Order of the Holy Sepulcher is under the direct protection of the Holy See and a cardinal is grand master while the pope is sovereign of the order.. The order is headquartered at Vatican City State.. The Order of Malta is a sovereign order of chivalry, fully recognized as such by the Holy See.. The Order of Malta and the Holy See exchange ambassadors.. The pope is not sovereign of the order nor does he appoint members to the ranks of knighthood.. He does however approve the appointment of the elected Grand Master.. The grand master, a layman, but also a professed religious, ranks as a cardinal of the Holy Roman Church and his accorded the title, "Eminent Highness" and "Prince"... can't prevent evil by doing evil!..You'd be amazed what you'll agree to when you're on fire..Something good happens, "It's His will." Something bad happens, "He moves in mysterious ways."..You know,sometimes you border on competent..I know, it's scary isn't it?..

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