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Originally Posted by heptah View Post
Sure. I can see how more and more power can be seized by implementing an order out of chaos model. I can also see that those in power would use this model. I wonder, though, whether political control was the original intent behind the idea of ordo ad chao. If looked at from another angle, this technique forms the basis of a lot of (good) people's spiritual practice, whereby they see their inner fractured state and very much use it as a means to creating something unified and orderly in them. But like everything, the good intent behind many good and useful tools and discoveries eventually becomes perverted as they soon become the property of wolves and sharks, so to speak, who ever so predictably turn them in the service of dominating others
Its quite simple really TPTB create chaos so they can keep the order and control...

Imagine no crime, there would be no police/ no courts /no lawyers/ no judges / no military /no prisons etc etc a lot of those people who work in those profession's get a good wage and comfartable life..unlike the ones they usually condemn..I think that is one of the reasons TPTB do not decriminalize drugs/ prostitution etc, for example if they created places where people could take heroin in a clean safe enviroment you would shut down the drug cartels overnight and stop a lot of crime seeing a lot of drug addicts usually steal to feed their habit ...

And people just blindly follow thinking this is how things are/should be...You only have to look at black friday etc etc and see why..Those women just gotta get their hanbags etc in the sales, goodness me what are we coming to..

Boxing Day sales: 'It's like an adrenaline rush'...

Is this the reason millions died in world wars so people could behave like spoilt brats..Strange kind of freedom...

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